Key & Peele: Obama’s Anger Translator – Victory

Obama and his Anger Translator Luther celebrate four more years.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to Key & Peele: Obama’s Anger Translator – Victory

  1. Niniischill says:

    Olbamas campaign spent millions trying to stop romney

  2. undrtakr900 says:

    You can’t get rid of someone who was never there lol

  3. Mr101Programmer says:

    You would support this.

  4. JuggernautMonster says:

    I voted at school for Obama because I am too young so am I an honorary half black person.

  5. pranavtulsian says:

    I have a spare few minutes..and thought to myself ‘Lets watch a Key & Peele episode’…..that was two hours ago.

  6. DogLoverLISPEN says:

    All you white folks that voted for me, y’all are now honorary black people.

  7. TheSighOfMe says:

    Worth it.

  8. Niniischill says:

    you spent ever more millions trying to get rid of romney but whatever

  9. Austin Izah says:

    I got tweets for yo ass so I betta follow me…. or Ima follow u

  10. matt lam says:

    wow… mr president is replying.

  11. TheFunkyDomination says:

    really? I had no fucking idea

  12. M.K Doreschild-Outland says:

    Swift win. -M.K Outland, pioneer/establisher of Trance(genre fiction)

  13. L Boogie says:

    Love It..especially the Ode to Hammer.

  14. THEON71N3G4MER says:


  15. lolzman161 says:

    0:47, I would have voted for Obama if I could (I’m 17).

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