Keynote: Conflict & Collaboration with Margaret Heffernan

Keynote: Conflict & Collaboration with Margaret Heffernan
Event on 2013-03-11 18:00:00

Margaret Heffernan is an entrepreneur, CEO, writer and keynote speaker. Her motto is ‘Let’s not play the game, let’s change it’.

Margaret was born in Texas, raised in Holland and educated at Cambridge University. She worked in BBC Radio for five years where she wrote, directed, produced and commissioned dozens of documentaries and dramas. As a television producer, she made documentary films for Timewatch, Arena and Newsnight. Leaving the BBC, she ran the trade association IPPA, which represented the interests of independent film and television producers and was once described by the Financial Times as ‘the most formidable lobbying organization in England’.

Margaret later joined CMGI where she ran, bought and sold leading Internet businesses, she was named one of the Internet’s Top 100 by Silicon Alley Reporter in 1999 and one of the Top 100 Media Executives by the Hollywood Reporter. Her ‘Tear Down the Wall’ campaign against AOL won the 2001 Silver SABRE award for public relations. 2011 saw the publication of her third book, Wilful Blindness which was shortlisted for the Financial Times/Golman Sachs Best Business Book award and Margaret was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Bath in the same year.

Margaret will be discussing conflict and collaboration to include the following key points:

* The idea of the creative person being a solitary individual sitting alone thinking great thoughts somewhere is well past its sell by date! Most creative endeavours these days are derived by exchange, dialogue, intersections, dialogue and debate.

* The myth of creativity belonging to soloists is damaging and misleading

* We’d do better to think about why to bring together and how — and to hone our collaborative skills. This isn't something that the popular portrayals of creativity do at all. Nor do contests help.

* Many people are afraid of artists and creative people, imagining them to be fragile and/or childlike. Neither is the case. The arts have a lot to teach the rest of the world – especially the business world. At a time when the world is crying out for 'innovation' the need to develop, hone and respect creativity has never been greater.

This keynote will end with a Q&A session to get a real debate going. We really hope to see you there!

at Museum of Bath at Work
Camden Works
Bath, United Kingdom

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