Keyword Research – Using Google Keyword Tool For Free video on how to do quick keyword research using Google’s own keyword tool in adwords.
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19 thoughts on “Keyword Research – Using Google Keyword Tool For Free

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  2. I have some questions: 1) I keep reading to chose keywords with high search volume and low competition. Why??? that “competition” is not how many pages are outthere taking about the same thing, but advertizers that comeete for that word. Wouldn’t it be better to choose one with high advertizer competition? I don’t get it. 2) Do I have to make the title of my article “Work from home California” or can I make it something more logical like “work from home in California”

  3. Thank you so much for this, mate! Unpretentious and simple. As the worst technophobe in the world, I can honestly say that you didn’t scare me, and that’s a huge compliment.

  4. You did a BRILLIANT job explaining all of this. 🙂 I use Google Keywords all day long just to park my domain names with Parking Companies and to find out what the right keyword(s) I should use in earning the MOST revenue for pay per clicks. 🙂 Once again you did an AMAZING job explaining other methods of using Google keywords.

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