Keyword Research Using Google Keyword Tool – HD 2013

Click Here Keyword Research Tips -Do away with the need for an SEO professional to manually assess keywords and make judgment calls on which keywords to include in the final list. -Put’s Google Keyword Tool data into context. -Complete it in half a day. -Quickly refresh your keyword list once movement in keyword position has taken place. You can check my blog for updates regarding anything internet marketing and making money. google keyword tool Doing google keyword research using adwords google keyword tool allows you to view keyword search volume, cpc (cost per click), ppc (pay per click), epc (estimated price per click) within adwords. Here is the link to the google keyword tool https Dont forget to visit

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11 Responses to Keyword Research Using Google Keyword Tool – HD 2013

  1. RubyKeywordTracker says:

    How can you be so creative? It must be a gift. Please continue with your greatness.

  2. josephbison says:

    Hi Shakaama, Blogger is like a real estate were you don’t own the land rights, if you have your own hosting and add a blog on to that you control the real estate that you are building no matter what happens

  3. shakaama says:

    what’s the difference between a blogger blog and my own blog? since you recommend against blogger. my only thing is google likes to instantly crawl blogger blogs and promote them to rank 1.

  4. josephbison says:

    unfortunately not but that would be a good addition to the keyword tool, google insights can give you some good info on keyword searches based on location

  5. TheNyCsound says:

    quick question, is there a way to find out how old/age the people are that are searching for a specific keyword?

  6. josephbison says:

    First off I wouldn’t start a blogger I would get a cheap hosting account and create a blog on wordpress. hosting is very cheap here is a hostgator code : hostgator1dollar 1$ for 2 months trial. As for keyword research you want to use 3 to 4 word phrases and make sure you use them in your titles, and sprinkle a few around your content. Just write the content as natural as possible don’t try to force keywords within your content. Another factor for ranking is back links.

  7. GandaraChell says:

    Hi am a starting blogger and I would like to wide my horizon through learning how to do a keyword research and analysis so I can make a master list of keywords to be interlinked with anchor text’. What would be my first step if I’m given a website and they want to have a list of keywords to be used. Should I get all possible keywords per tab in the website and do what you just showed in the video? Your answer will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

  8. josephbison says:

    Great, am glad my Keyword Research Using Google Keyword Tool video helped you out

  9. legallystealshow says:

    Thanks Joseph, I needed that explanation.

  10. josephbison says:

    thank you

  11. WhiteOwlVideo says:

    nice “exact” explaination.

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