Keyword Search Pros Revolutionizes PPC Management

Sherman Oaks, CA (PRWEB) January 05, 2013

Last year, insurance giant Geico introduced a name your own price campaign for their car insurance policies, boasting to potential customers that they could pay what they wanted for car insurance. Eventually people realized that it was really just clever marketing; you can name your own price at any car insurance company, not just Geico. However, one Los Angeles-based PPC Management Company is taking that idea and using it to improve the way advertisers pay for PPC services.

Keyword Search Pros (KSP) is now introducing an optional new way to pay for PPC Management–they call it You Choose. With the new alternative You Choose pricing plan, an advertiser can select the amount they want to pay for a management fee based on the frequency of work completed on their account. KSP has broken its services down into cycles that contain various execution points performed by technicians within that particular account. These technicians are the account manager, account strategist and account specialist, all serving a very specific purpose within the cycle process. This leaves the advertiser with a choice for how many of these cycles they want to be completed on their account and at what frequency.

But how does You Choose really differ from standard PPC Management packages? The answer to that question lies within the efficiency of the system. Normally there is a direct pricing correlation between PPC Pricing and Monthly Client Ad Spend on search engines; either in the form of a flat tier or a percentage of ad spend. However these methods dont necessarily account for the amount of work needed to be performed each month. Clients often spend big on search engines but dont necessarily need as much work put into them as the money reflects. On the other hand there are clients that dont get enough management to see the results that theyre looking for. KSPs You Choose takes these two extremes and helps them get to a healthy middle where Pay-Per-Click services can benefit them the most.

Keyword Search Pros President, Peter Dulay was quoted on the new alternative pricing:

We realize that most advertisers that pay for management really dont get what they pay for. They either get too much or too little. The ones getting too much dont know how good it is and the ones getting too little dont know they could get more if they wanted it. Its an expectation thing and its a transparency thing. We have always been big on those two. This is just one more stride in that direction.

Its a New Year for business and Keyword Search Pros has a New Years resolution–to make PPC Management and SEM Services more efficient and effective than ever before. In a business market thats so niche and oversaturated its nice to know that PPC Services dont have to be so cut and dry. While a You Choose approach doesnt make Geico stand out in the car insurance industry, it does make Keyword Search Pros stand out in the world of PPC Management.

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