Keyword Search Rankings presents evidence of discrepancy in search engine algorithms at SEO Conference 2012

United Kingdom (PRWEB) October 09, 2012

The 3rd annual SEO Conference 2012 took place in September; it boasted the presence of notable organizations such as Google, Yandex and, amongst many others. The highlight of the conference was the development of Russian and international SEO space; it is a hugely popular and beneficial event attended by over 400 individuals, with approximately 5,000 online spectators.

Sergiu Draganus, CEO of Keyword Search Rankings was one of the speakers and presented, Using Social Media for Improving Local Ranking Results. During his presentation, Sergiu discussed the algorithms Google is employing to build local search engine results. He suggested, “The unexpected results may arise because the city name used as a default location for the search query is identical to the city name used on Google Places by the Australian pizzeria.”

Sergiu offered an example, “A user located in Liverpool UK, searching for “pizza” on, may see the 8th position in Google is a result from a pizzeria located in Liverpool, Australia. These lower ranking results are of no benefit to the online user, ordering pizza from Australia to be delivered to the UK would be foolish, and I question how useful this information is to a local search.”

Googles About Us page states its mission is to organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Keyword Search Rankings

Keyword Search Rankings is a company specialized in search engine optimization, offering advice across the board from small businesses to multinational companies. Employing the Keyword Search Rankings system businesses can improve their local SEO strategy and improve their ranking, monitor keywords in targeted cities, and create real-time reports on keyword searches.

The company is the first platform able to offer real-time bulk SERP ranking reports, Sergiu Draganus, CEO of Keyword Search Rankings, said, We are receiving excellent feedback from the online community and urge users to visit our website and try the service for free, they wont be disappointed. Sergiu continued, Our team of SEO experts can help any business improve their ranking, utilizing our system and our highly specialized knowledge will bring more traffic thus increasing revenue.

Since the Google Venice updates (February 2012), the organic results displayed differences depending on the users geolocation. A user from New York will get different results to a user from Chicago, by running simple search queries, without having to select a certain city, as Google will identify the geolocation based on the user IP and set it as default search location. The goal is to improve the user experience by providing more accurate results.

This rollout creates huge opportunities for all businesses that need to have an online presence. Now a small business website can rank in Google much better than a nation-wide business website or than a big international corporation’s website. All this is possible because of the Local SEO Factors which are much stronger for the small local businesses.

SEO strategy is essential for successful online business

In order to implement the correct SEO strategy, one should analyse and monitor the local ranking results on different cities all around the world. This can be done by running a depersonalized search query from your browser and changing the default search location; for a bigger number of keywords you could use a professional platform able to generate Bulk Live SERP Rankings Reports such as Keyword Search Rankings.

Keyword Search Rankings is currently the only web-based platform able to build Google bulk real-time position reports by city, with the ability to check the results from over 150 countries and 2500 cities around the world. Users are invited to visit the Keyword Search Rankings website and test the service for free.

The Keyword Search Rankings platform offers innovative features including:

Ranking Analysis building SERP rankings on different cities (2500+) in the same or different countries, for SEO purposes.

GeoRankings Prospection indentifies the local SEO competition level by analysing the number and position of all local business websites in the organic results for each different location.

Foresight Competitors Marketing Strategy analysing locations (cities and countries) targeted in the paid-Ads campaigns.

Comprehensive Brand Awareness Monitoring Service providing a clear view of online presence for the different keywords and URLs in over 2500 different locations around the world.

About Keyword Search Rankings

Keyword Search Rankings is a London headquartered company specializing in search engine optimization with the intention of increasing online visibility for our international customers. Online businesses can quickly improve traffic to their website and increase sales and conversions. The system is constantly evolving reflecting the constant changes in SEO; improve site ranking with Keyword Search Rankings.

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