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Kibera Informentors Foundationis a non- profit organization formed and run by young professionals from the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

The goal of the organization is to provide career “mentoring for prosperity” that can help the children and youth from the Kibera community develop their skills, talents, and understanding of different career fields.

Kibera is one of the largest slums in the world, and as a result, its residents face many kinds of challenges. This is particularly the case for school-age children, who often lack access to proper education facilities, relevant career information, and mentorship opportunities.

In order to address these issues, the Kibera Informentors Foundation Program hosts mentorship sessions with local primary and secondary schools located throughout Kibera slums. Most sessions are held on Saturday mornings and afternoons, and include presentations from Guest Speakers.

Through encouraging students to pursue their various career ambitions and providing a positive mentorship experience, Kibera Informentors Foundation strives to support the youth of Kibera and the slum community as a whole.

We invite you to be one of our speakers and talk to students to make their lives better

Nelson Odero
Communication Officer Kibera Informentrs Foundation
Phone ,0752828922

at Garden (soccer pitch) next to DO’s office on Kibera Road (take road next to Prestige Plaza)

Nairobi, Kenya

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