Kid Cudi – New York City Rage Fest (Indicud)

Kid Cudi – New York City Rage Fest (Indicud) Kid Cudi – New York City Rage Fest (Indicud) Kid Cudi – New York City Rage Fest (Indicud) Kid Cudi – New York Ci…

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20 Responses to Kid Cudi – New York City Rage Fest (Indicud)

  1. JoelHailkov says:

    This sounds like something that would play in a Supreme outlet. Wait… Fuck Supreme.

  2. Nomuken180sx says:


  3. StealtyShadow44 says:

    favorite ARTIST 

  4. Kavi Uma says:

    I love the entire album, but this song is probably one of my favs!

  5. UptownBallers35 says:

    This whole album just fucking sucks so bad, I’m done listening to these piece of shit songs. Fuck The new cudi, I want the old cudi back

  6. Sergio Illera says:

    Bounce! Lol ;]

  7. CLOAK M.D says:

    this that shit 

  8. Mike Hawk says:

    new york ragers….

  9. DJFrostee PTG says:

    How different is Indicud from the Cudder album we were going to get a couple of years back? Very different. And I try to tell people this: The album is whatever I say it is. This could easily have been Man on the Moon 3. I think kids need to let go of titles and stuff and just embrace the music because at the end of the day it’s still me being extremely creative and trying to push myself and challenge people’s imagination.- Kid Cudi

  10. Colton Detwiler says:

    Cudi smokes you retards. He quit, but clearly he started again because throughout the entire album he talks about rolling up.

  11. Celest Doll says:

    i dont like this no lyrics stuff

  12. Teh Goobz says:

    @TheCriot Shut the fuck up. Imlpying you have to be high in order to listen to Cudi, saying that when he doesn’t even smoke weed anymore.

  13. Adam Garon says:

    OOOO fuck where did this song come from, didnt hear this one from the other pake

  14. Benvnc says:

    On his wikipedia page it say his genre is Hip Hop and Rock, they should just wright ‘Cudi’.

  15. CLOAK M.D says:

    I liked just what I am n all the other singles but I feel cudis fell a lil from motm 2 ,but he wanted a diff mood,still cool tho.

  16. James Rossbach says:


  17. Nathan Mansakahn says:

    Haha that could also screw you over. Everyone has wishes. They just don’t get granted. You’d have to wish for more wishes that would be granted immediatley after saying them aloud :P

  18. Jay Foray says:

    Kid Cudi was always his own genre of music

  19. TheNewBreed760CA says:

    well he sure isnt a fucken dentist or some shit…. quit being a smart ass

  20. TheW1S3Guy says:

    is now? niqqa hes been.

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