Kids Get Hands-On With Robots at This Brooklyn Business

Kids Get Hands-On With Robots at This Brooklyn Business
For kids, robots can be fun — and educational, too. Many modern educators believe that getting kids involved in tinkering and building is the most powerful way to engage them in the world of science and technology. These days an increasing amount of …
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The Robot Will See You Now
Harley lukov didn't need a miracle. He just needed the right diagnosis. Lukov, a 62-year-old from central New Jersey, had stopped smoking 10 years earlier—fulfilling a promise he'd made to his daughter, after she gave birth to his first grandchild …
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Fearsome UK Robot Aircraft Is Semi-Autonomous and Will Fly in 2013
There's a robotic arms race on. We recently covered the US Navy's X-47B drone, a stealth jet capable of landing autonomously on an aircraft carrier. Well, not to be outdone by its trans-Atlantic ally, the UK's Ministry of Defense (MoD) is said to be …
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