'Killer robots' should be banned, say human rights groups

'Killer robots' should be banned, say human rights groups
The use of autonomous drones – "killer robots" that could fire weapons with no human control – must be prohibited by international treaty, human rights campaigners and lawyers have said. Weapons being developed that could choose and attack targets …
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10 of cinema's most unexpected and strange robots
The biggest robot on this list, Kronos is an alien 'Destroyer of Worlds' who emerges from what appears to be an ordinary crashed meteorite, and begins sucking energy from power stations. As he does so, he grows to the size of a skyscraper. Doctor …
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Rights Group: Time to Ban Killer Robots
(Newser) – The world needs to ban robots capable of killing without human input before they become a reality on the battlefield, a human rights group warns. Human Rights Watch and Harvard's International Human Rights Clinic are calling for an …
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