Kiram group fears revenge after Malaysian deaths

Kiram group fears revenge after Malaysian deaths | ABS-CBN News…/kiram-group-fears-rev… – Traduzir esta página 8 horas atrás — MANI…
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17 thoughts on “Kiram group fears revenge after Malaysian deaths

  1. What are U cocking about, I dont understand. U didnt say, your Rojak Army bring in gun and bomb and kill our arm force. U should know a person carry arm under Malaysia law should be hang to death.

  2. they dont say that malaysian authority gives them about 3 weeks to go home n they dont,…..imagine 200 300 figher landing in ur place carrin weapon do u give time 3 weeks to ,, in most country they will be attacked within 24 hours,,

  3. To be on the safe side, since Sabah was also claimed by the Sultan of Sulu, Baron Overbeck negotiated a treaty with the Sultan of Sulu. He signed an agreement with the Sultan of Sulu and agreed to pay him $5,000 annually. The Sultan appointed him as Dato Bendahara and Raja of Sandakan in 1878. The 2nd agreement with the Sulu Sultan is a case of wrong representation and invalid under the international law.

  4. From my observation, PH always emphasize on the 22nd January 1878 agreement issue to support their claim. Do you know that London is still keeping two treaties pertaining to Sabah ? The 1st treaty dated 22nd December 1877 was signed between Brunei Sultan and Overbeck. Sultan Abdul Momin appointed Baron von Overbeck as the Maharaja of Sabah and Raja of Gaya and Sandakan and in return, the Baron shall pay $12,000 per year and additional $3,000 to the Temenggong.

  5. you are wrong again. then why did the North Borneo Company entered into a Deed of Pajak with the sultan of sulu? why not with the sultan of brunei if its sovereignty was not really ceded to the sulu sultan?

  6. are you aware that obama of the US asked the help of brunei sultan recently to mediate in the stand off? the brunei sultan called your ambassador to his palace for that matter. your government refused any third party intervention. it only shows even the US recognized brunei’s influence on the matter.

  7. but are you aware that in 1885 the british foreign minister ,earl granville, clearly stated that the sovereignty of sabah was never surrendered to the british?

  8. Jamalul is incompetent and unfit as leader. Some of his men wanted to return from Sabah in peace, but he branded them as cowards and traitors, and his diehard followers stopped and killed them. He should admit his negligence, apologize, and step down. Let a worthier person lead his people. No responsible government will negotiate with him, because as a matter of principle, aggression should not be rewarded.

  9. Jamalul had been given many opportunities to settle the matter peacefully. He made a gross miscalculation. If he had ordered his men to return, they would have achieved their objective of raising the issue and being heard without bloodshed. They might even be welcomed home as heroes. Now the world dismisses them as just a bunch of terrorists who died together with their lost cause.

  10. He declaring Jihad… Islam don’t mutilated the dead and drank their blood… The gunman who is captured by the police proudly telling this to the police.. THAT IS NOT THE ISLAMIC WAY.. Kiram have no rights to call for jihad…. Monsters!!

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