Kiss of Death and the Google Exec

Kiss of Death and the Google Exec
When he's not out looking for the big wave, there's a big story that has consumed Stephen Baxter, a reporter for the Santa Cruz Sentinel and a "48 Hours" consultant: the mysterious death of Google executive Forrest Hayes at the city's sprawling marina.
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Russian government threatens a ban on Google, Facebook and Twitter
Roskomnadzor, a Russian government agency that oversees communications and media, threatened late last week to block access to Google, Facebook and Twitter if the social media services don't hand over data on certain Russian bloggers.
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Why is Google giving a creationist answer to a question about dinosaurs?
A recent Google search for “what happened to the dinosaurs” brought up an interesting card at the top of the results page. Rather than a primer on scientific findings or theory regarding the extinction of dinosaurs, the card suggests the Bible has the …
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