KISSD “Keep it Simple Self Defense”

KISSD “Keep it Simple Self Defense”
Event on 2013-12-14 10:00:00
KISSD is a simple, easy to learn, series of self-defense classes designed to help you protect yourself in this crazy world in which we live.
Keeping it simple is the best way to learn self-defense because, in a time of stress, the mind shuts down and we stop thinking. We just react or fail to react.
In this twelve month series we will teach simple techniques and body mechanics to help you be “mindless” when under attack. We will teach awareness of the threats around you and teach you how to use the “simple” weapons that you carry with you every day.
This class is open to adults and children aged 14 to 17 accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Reserve your space by calling Sensei Chris Annon at 704-349-3404 or e-mail at

at Explosion Martial Arts
337 E. Catawba Street
Belmont, United States

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