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  1. TheCrazyMango82 says:

    I love how confident shay is nowover the years….wasnt like that in the beginning hahaha

  2. shyshymusic says:

    11:37 i thought that sign said courtard

  3. Sarah Fleck says:

    Literally said “It looks like you’re in Phoenix” before you said I’m in Phoenix. AZ<3

  4. Angele' Basden says:

    you SHAYTARDS travel SO much

  5. MetaKnight964 . says:

    Jsyk there’s no such thing as ghosts (I used to believe), most ghosts are demons in disguise.

  6. Natalie Batley says:

    Why does someone put on every videos some crap about demons it’s annoying me now !

  7. AirsoftUtah says:

    Quarters are cool quarters are neat and Shay always puts a quarter in the useless, ironic, disregarded, pointless ash trays on airplane lavatories. yep. n stuff.

  8. PandaLov1 says:

    Lol Rocktard with the eye roll in the car aha

  9. Rachel Daykin says:

    rocktards face after he shouted stay green haha

  10. yousef1023 says:

    Why did he need a quarter, these are the questions that ponder me, does he like smoke

  11. Ragz25T says:

    It is weird

  12. Spongebob15512 says:

    It’s like the thing from neds declassified!

  13. Kaykaynarwhals says:

    Arturo looks like the janitor from the sweet life or zac and cody

  14. docrosh12 says:

    lol, rocktard at 13:56

  15. Bryan9796 says:

    Haha lights are usually timed so that you hit the same kind along your route each time. Like they’ll either be green every time or red every time. But I don’t know; It could be prayers.

  16. Bryan9796 says:

    Haha lights are usually to,Ed

  17. MissCoockie1 says:

    Could you like and watch at least 1 of my vids!

  18. MissCoockie1 says:

    Could you like and watch at least 1 of my vids!

  19. Joshua Morales says:

    Ctfxc saw a ghost there

  20. KendallandJamie says:

    haha the funny thing is, the driskill hotel is the most haunted building in Austin and the most haunted hotel in Texas.

  21. Justin Garner says:

    You look amazing after your weight loss.

  22. DarthGabby714 says:

    i love you… now go brush your teeth. lol

  23. Cheyenne Sabate says:

    i was at sxsw the weekend you were there, but spent a little more time right outside of austin. my bro was there launching an app and i told him to memorize your face and find you for me, but he failed at your mission. hahah that sounds so creepy

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