Kitara Troupe Cultural Performance offers

Kitara Troupe Cultural Performance offers
Event on 2013-01-04 08:00:00
Kings Mall, Kabalagala, opposite Shell Uganda, Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256782441733 / +256701441734


We are a registered cultural performing troupe in Uganda and have been in operation since 2000.
The composition of our group so far is 48 able, well trained and professional youth. The majority are orphans and disadvantaged persons.

Our mission is to create a self reliant society, jobs creation, develop children talents and members in to responsible and useful citizens of this country. Be a father and mother to these orphans and disadvantaged children.

The troupe recruits the youth every end of the year, trains these children in performing arts, theater art, self esteem, Art work, art designs and of course stage performances.

The troupe also takes these children to school, for formal education. So far our pioneers have finished Makerere University and other higher institutions of learning. We also provide basic necessities like shelter food, medical care, clothing etc.

Our achievements have been enormous. For example:

 We are now a well known and established cultural troupe in Uganda and other countries.

 We have performed on numerous functions in Uganda and other countries like Rwanda and Kenya.

 We perform so far 40 cultural dances of Ugandan Tribes, 03 from Rwanda, the Zulu from south Africa, 02 from Congo, and west Africa, and many other activities like folk lower, heroic recitation in different languages, story telling, research, trainings in schools etc.

We have been hired to so many functions ranging from, individual, state and international functions. For instance last year we were able to be hired to more than 60 functions to provide cultural entertainment

Our short term goals:
• Continue to remain a father and a mother of Ugandan orphans and disadvantaged children. This includes providing basic needs of human life and formal education.
• Continue leading in cultural performing arts in Uganda
• Remain as ambassadors of culture preservation vision to both our societies and the rest of the world.
• Maintain cultural exchanges and education with other regions.
• Preserve good morals for the present and future generation.
• Maintain income generating activities and initiate more projects for the sustainability of this noble initiative.
• Creating self reliant members of this group.
• Relate culture and development.
Our long term goals are:
• Having a cultural performing school.
• Research centre
• Creations and art galleries
• Theatre that works 24 hrS
• Tours and Travel Company.
• Continue to support government programs that lift our cherished cultures to greater heights.
THANKS: We are what we are because of you. Thanks for your continued support. Kiitara Troupe will ever remember.

MOTTO: “keeping our roots alive”
COPILED BY MATSIKO ENOTH 0701441734, 0782441733

at Kampala, Uganda
Kampala, Uganda

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