Kjalarnes Male Choir

Kjalarnes Male Choir
Event on 2015-04-25 16:00:00

The Kjalarnes Male Choir was founded in 1991 by a few men from the Kjalarnes and Kjós area in Iceland. The choir is made up of about 60 men and they practice at the „Fólkvangur“ community center in Kjalarnes.

The repertoire has always been made up of traditional male choir songs, but some years ago the decision was made to also include more contemporary songs accompanied by a band. This was done to appeal to a wider audience so that everyone would get something for their taste. This combination of ambition and lightness has been well received and the choir always performs before a full house.

The members of the band are all highly rated Icelandic musicians. The guest singer, Andrea Gylfadóttir, is one of the most beloved female vocalists in Iceland.

Andrea and the Kjalarnes Male Choir will perform songs from Andrea‘s CD „Vorvísa“ which she recorded with the Björn Thoroddsen Trio. Solo artists from the choir will perform classical pearls, and the concert with end in a grand finale of songs from the band Todmobile, arranged by Kjartan Valdemarsson (piano) for this occasion.

As a footnote it can be mentioned that The Kjalarnes Male Choir released the CD „Glaðningur“ a few years ago, and a video was made to accompany one of the songs titled „Ríðum sem fjandinn“. The video was placed on Youtube and has received world-wide attention. This video is a beautiful display of the Icelandic horse in a beautiful environment accompanied by the music of the Kjalarnes Male Choir.

at Harpa, Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre
Austurbakki 2
Reykjavík, Iceland

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