Kobe Bryant Reacts To ESPN Ranking #40, Jokes ‘Bunch Of Idiots’

Kobe Bryant reacts to ESPN ranking him 40th. Prior to saying that it doesn’t really bother him, he jokes that ESPN is a bunch of idiots, along with some othe…
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26 Responses to Kobe Bryant Reacts To ESPN Ranking #40, Jokes ‘Bunch Of Idiots’

  1. Sam Pendleton says:

    We’re used to tough talk from Kobe… fact is that the so-called ‘haters’ have been right every season for the last four years. In fact, all this pabulum about how Kobe always proves the haters wrong is nonsense. The last time the Lakers won anything, in 2010, they were the defending champs; people EXPECTED them to repeat. It’s not like they shocked the world. Kobe’s done a lot of winning over the years, but never when everyone expected him to lose.

  2. Lakers Nation says:

    Kobe: “I tend to use things for motivation that tend to be in the realm of morality.” Kobe #40 – Fair or Not Fair? State Your Case!

  3. james tinga says:

    Andre Iguodala 39th

  4. boredror says:

    27 points on 23 shots and 13 free throws that’s really nothing special, pretty inefficient if you ask me. Kobe is a ballhog, I mean how can you get 23 shots and 13 free throws in 28 minutes in a preseason game? He was mad about the ranking…Lakers still lost by 33, this will be another terrible season for them, I can see them getting the 13th seed in the West.

  5. Danalyn L says:

    ESPN’s ranking is a joke… Like Kobe said, “he’s gonna do what he does”… Kobe is up there in age now, but he is still a beast on the court. Don’t underestimate him… 

  6. Hoarding Profits says:

    Kobe is a special case. Unlike many other older elite players in the league Kobe is in a class of his own. You cant rank a player like Kobe because you never know what you’ll get. A fired up, mean muggin, triple step, pump fake, back towards the basket, fadeaway jump shot will demoralize ANYONE in the league right now. Lebron, Dwight, Dirk, and etc. They can all get Kobe’d any day anytime best believe that. Dont sleep on the Mamba cuz thats when he strikes hardest!

  7. Siria Hernandez says:

    LmAo…. I love it “in the realm of REALITY” 

  8. 618JayMurda says:

    they been doubting Kobe since he came in the league…they said he couldn’t be compared to Jordan and became the closest one we ever seen…they said he couldn’t win without Shaq and he did it twice…they said he couldn’t come back and he’s back…now it’s time to prove em wrong again and again

  9. Goku Baller says:

    I’m happy people r finally seeing kobe’s not that great a player. kobe fans are the most delusional in nba history -kobe was never #1 anytime in nba history. I can think shaq, garnett, dirk, LeBron, and many more. -only kobe has an asterisk in 3 of his titles due to officiating in his favor -only kobe needed the most powerful center in nba history and 2 7ft all stars in an era where all star centers were rare -only kobe could not bring his team into the playoffs while in his prime -kobe sucks at defense and his offensive scoring is minimized by his low fg%. some people argue his fg% is low bc he gets double and triple teamed and kobe has no support. but during the 2008 and 12 Olympics kobe’s fg% was still low. plus there were several other players who played better than kobe during the Olympics. kobe – the most overrated player in nba history…

  10. chrisblilly24 says:

    The man missed two years of ball. I don’t mind him taking 23 shots. We need him to get his shooting touch back. Once Henry and young come back we gonna be rocking 

  11. brandon white says:

    kobe fucking sucks. most overrated player ever. terrible FG%, consistently misses the most shots by far every year he plays. shaq got him his first 3 titles. he cant win shit unless hes on a stacked team with phil Jackson coaching. u kobe fans are so fucking dumb, the lakers would have at least 7-8 titles without him and with shaq

  12. cloudparter says:

    Gotta agree with Kome. ESPN still thinks the Anaheim Mighty Ducks exist. lol 8 years late. 

  13. Suellen Santos says:

    kobe should retire, he’s not a team players, go play some golf old man, face it YOU SUCK now!

  14. Bill Rawthee says:

    No need to use quotation marks. Kobe was not joking.

  15. Steve Smith says:

    40 if u subtract 39 maybe!!

  16. Onlyrealmusic4life says:

    Besides his hairline receding a little, that mad hasn’t aged at all. I’m hoping I have genetics as good as him lol

  17. furiousflexL33T says:

    I just hope next season we land a few superstars to give Kobe a run at the finals. 

  18. The one says:

    Kobe is dead weight. People don’t want to play with him because they see that his teammates become the chronic public whipping boys. Anyone who could possibly challenge Kobe for the spotlight ends up becoming a pincushion for the media. Even Shaq. Great players or would be great players have been thrown by the way side playing with Kobe. Players have stronger careers without Kobe than with him. Lakers have gone from back-to-back champions in 2009 and ’10 with Jackson in the mix to what’s expected to be one of the worst teams in the league this season. Thanks to Kobe.

  19. elanorest says:

    “ESPN is a bunch of idiot” classic comment.

  20. Sportando says:

    +Los Angeles Lakers superstar +Kobe Bryant Reacts To ESPN Ranking #40, Jokes ‘Bunch Of Idiots’ #nbavideos 

  21. jon yok says:

    I don’t give a damn about Kobe’s numbers. His mentality, heart, willpower, and attitude is why he’s my favorite player. He has what numbers can’t show and it’s what most players don’t have 

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