Kostrzewa – Ranking RI on The Camelot Index

Kostrzewa – Ranking RI on The Camelot Index
It should be no surprise to any Rhode Islander that the state ranks near the bottom of most of the rankings, reflecting the high unemployment rate, weak economy and poor business climate that makes it hard for companies to create jobs. That puts Rhode …
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What today's students learn about Kennedy
text size: AAA. By Melissa Silverberg. When U.S. history students at Schaumburg High School are asked to rank the nation's presidents at the end of each school year, familiar names lead the list — Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt.
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Gaping holes in financial protections leave servicemembers at high risk
"They're all young, generally junior in rank, most only have a high school education," he said. "For them, their pay is guaranteed. It's recession-proof. So when the recession hit and cars couldn't be sold, my guys could buy cars. When they go into a …
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