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17 Responses to KPOP GIRL GROUP RANKING 2014

  1. Daxing Li says:

    1. 2NE1 1. SNSD (I’m not dealing with fanwars) 3. Kara 4. f(x) 5. Sistar 6. missA 7. 4minute 8. T-ara 9. Wonder Girls 10. A Pink

  2. Mihai Mar says:

    Someone completely forgot Orange Caramel :/

  3. Alice Kim says:

    SNSD is No1 everywhere but Apink was ranked soooo low!! My girls should be in top 10!!! But anyways love them forever!! ^-^ <3333 

  4. Sanched Aromin says:

    1. SNSD 2. 2NE1 3. Sistar 4. Kara 5. T-Ara 6. F(x) 7. A-Pink 8. 4 Minute 9. B.E.G 10. Wonder Girls

  5. TheAllstar54321 says:

    I feel like based on the that 2ne1 slayed these last two years and GG…..well they’ve just fallen of 2ne1 should be number 1

  6. 이완진 says:

    Apink should be top 5. they’re best girl group recently in korea.

  7. AM SONE says:

    Agree bien excelente felicidades *-* snsd 1

  8. Christy White says:

    2ne1 first ever girl group that had a world tour concerts! wish they comeback here :-)

  9. Chloe Grace says:

    I fail to see how BEG didn’t make the list, even without a comeback they are more populaar than quite a few if the lower group, at the very least! And although I’m not an A-pink fan I think in terms of popularity they should be ranked higher.

  10. Kayliann Vang says:

    I am a big fan of girl generation

  11. Russ Wilkinson says:

    Good list! Agree with the top three, only changes I would make would be to move f(x) and MissA into the top 5 and as much as I love the WG I don’t think I’d put them on this list. Sun isn’t coming back any time soon, Sohee left JYPE altogether and the only things I’m seeing with the remaining 3 are collaborations on solo projects. I’d love to see Meme come back and them do a comeback as a quartet. But they haven’t done anything in 2014 and there’s no indications they’re going to. 

  12. Cyril Mista says:

    It’s always between 2NE1 & SNSD. Two very different groups in number and in style. 

  13. DeanyJenkinsUnnie Forever says:

    Dal Shabet is probably 12th not 19th

  14. pokemonrocks57 says:

    REVISED RAINKING(after considering everyones input among other factors c:) #30 EVOL #29 Chocolat #28 Jewelry #27 Rania #26 EXID #25 SPICA #24 Tiny-G #23 Fiestar #22 Ladies Code #21 BESTie #20 Dal Shabet #19 Hello Venus #18 Ace of Angels #17 9MUSES #16 Rainbow #15 Brown Eyed Girl(I can’t believe I forgot them >.< sorry BEG <3) #14 SECRET #13 After School #12 Girl’s Day #11 Crayon Pop #10 Apink #9 4MINUTE #8 T-ara #7 Miss A #6 Wonder Girls #5 KARA #4 Sistar #3 f(x) #2 2NE1 #1 SNSD Thanks for all of the feedback everyone! ^^

  15. DeanyJenkinsUnnie Forever says:

    And Nine Muses and EvoL need to be ranked higher!!! I think this video needs to be called MY TOP 30 FAVORITE KPOP GIRL GROUPS and apink is 2nd because fanbase and fan chants Girls Day 4-5 because fanbase just saying

  16. bangtan pink says:

    Apink should be ranked in the top 5. They’re popularity is sorting through the sky. The do have the most fans in their fancafe(after snsd). Apink is really popular nowadays

  17. Siena Nieves says:

    Waaahh!! The top10 (Except #8 [T-Ara] #6 [Wonder Girls] and #3 [Kara]) My Bias Group!! Plus #13 [Apink] #20 [BESTie] #18 [Aoa] and #15 [Rainbow]! Kyaahh! #1 The Best!!

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