Kraftwerk Retrospective #1 at the MoMA “The Robots”

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16 Responses to Kraftwerk Retrospective #1 at the MoMA “The Robots”

  1. danielfragnet says:


  2. vivamonaco says:

    Genau so fühl ich mich manchmal. Feinste sounds für mein Ohr und Danke fürs hochladen.

  3. MickeyZero79 says:

    I worked on the stage crew at the Ritz in NYC. They came in with some amazing equipment — I believe it was a full-scale mobile version of the Kling Klang studio.

  4. ClassicStripedMedia says:

    how did you have the opportunity to work with them?

  5. MickeyZero79 says:

    I worked with Kraftwerk for a couple shows back in 81. Great guys, really polite (although standoffish). This was during the Computer World tour. They brought their entire studio on tour with them. Most if not all of their instruments were their own designs, at least, this is what they told me.

  6. ClareJohnston1 says:

    Trust me.. there is not much else better live. Saw them live in London -have seen many gigs and this was up there with the best

  7. HowzUrSister86 says:

    Would seriously love to see these guys live

  8. MrMannylogan says:

    you re my sonic life kw. voi siete la mia musica…quindi la mia vita. danken shen

  9. Brilliantbeing says:

    These cats are as funky as the best funk groups in the business; like Cameo, Zapp, Slave, Isleys, etc. Kraftwerk uses mechanics to bring the funk. Long live Kraftwerk.

  10. eMeSCZ says:

    fucking scary… as always :-)

  11. MORITZvSTAHL says:

    This is all you can get, this is music, since 1971.

  12. NormAppleton says:

    It comes from the Man Machine

  13. DoctorBlankenstein says:

    Cool video, thanks for posting! Check out the Kraftwerk video on my channel…  it’s a synth I made for them. Let me know what you think…

  14. fauxhokington says:

    @ Olhado256 oh yeah just as a foot note – This track was released in 1978 and the Sinclair zx 80 was released in 1982

  15. fauxhokington says:

    Yeah tru – and was cutting edge – its still great music though and they were pushing the envelope – My first computer was a Sinclair zx 81 – so I been around for the revolution baby : )

  16. Olhado256 says:

    This track was originally created when people didn’t even have computers in their homes.

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