kraftwerk- The Robots (1978)

So ..this was electronica in 1978
Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 thoughts on “kraftwerk- The Robots (1978)

  1. Sure, in the end it boils down to personal music taste. I can also deem the Beatles terrible if I want to, or Schubert. However, I would be kind of lonely with such opinions. Most critics have a high opinion of Kraftwerk, but yeah, of course that does not mean they appeal to everyone.

  2. No, it’s awful because it’s poorly written. Gary Numan is mechanical and simple, and is thousands of times more musically talented than these guys, and he was just one man, not a group of four. But, that’s just my opinion, right 😉 ?

  3. with all respect, but awful is your judgement. kraftwerk is one of the most important music groups of all time, true innovators. just because its simplistic and mechanical its awful? Way no!

  4. Yeah. The cool things is how they made this stuff though. Any 11 year old could make this with a computer today, but back then they were using actual hardeware bullshit stuff to make this. Kind of impressive. But yeah, musically it’s crap.

  5. es increible todo lo que pudieron hacer con la tecnologia analogica y principios de la digital – It’s amazing what they could do with analog technology and digital principles

  6. It certainly isn’t a dig a Kraftwerk, I love them. I can’t remember making that comment actually or why I’d have brought up Cowell he had probably said something of the same vein.

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