23 Replies to “Kraftwerk – The Robots”

  1. Go preach that to all those worshiping manufactured pop idols as “artists” worthy of admiration and respect. I’ll take “ideological´╗┐ tyranny” before the tyranny of ignorance and pop music demi-gods, if it ever comes to that.

  2. Because that’s how most people are in general.´╗┐ Look at what kind of videos get the most views. I don’t need to say any more.

  3. Actually Devo originally were pretty groundbreaking in the mid 70’s with their “mongoloid years”. Their first three albums´╗┐ hardly had any synthesizer in them. The guys from Devo have respect for Kraftwerk and the electronic music genre but they were not entirely influenced by them alone.

  4. This is real electronic music. Today’s “djs” such as Skrillex, or Dubstep are commercial faggots who can’t play any real music therefore´╗┐ they make shitty videos. Kraftwerk is real electronic, with lyrics, cool melodies and art, something today’s “artists” don’t know about, so don’t compare shit with this. Kraftwerk owns.

  5. Haha shut up little cunt first of all it was recorded in 80’s so it’s not 50 but 30…. and apart from this it’s way better than nowadays crap so just stfu because nobody wants to hear´╗┐ you

  6. Gz you have an´╗┐ opinion, just remember that it’s your opinion and most of the people actively searching for this video won’t agree with you, but that is the nature of opinion – it’s subjective

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