KVC Hosting Expanding SEO Hosting Line to 300 C-Class IP, 40 B-Class, 20 A-Class with SSD DRIVE

Oklahoma City, OK (PRWEB) August 21, 2013

KVC Hosting, a leading SEO hosting company, is expanding its hosting services by offering customers a new choice of 300 C-Class IP / 40 B-Class / 20 A-Class with SSD DRIVE. The new addition provides companies with multiple websites the ability to assign even more websites their own Internet Protocol address, improving search engine rank.

Now companies can assign individual IP addresses to hundreds of websites with the new addition of 300 C-Class IP from leading SEO hosting company, KVC Hosting. The new C-Class option expands the capacity of this SEO Web hosting service to meet the needs of companies with more than 275 domains and comes with several features.

A websites rank on a search engine result page has great influence on the flow of traffic that website experiences. Search engines, such as Google and Bing, often examine the quality of links that lead back to the site to determine whether they are reliable. A website that shares the same IP address with other sites could be at a disadvantage, especially if other domains are questionable, or companies want to interlink sites together for greater search engine optimization.

Multiple C-Class IP hosting addresses this problem by allowing owners of multiple websites to provide each site with an individual IP address. This gives a site its own unique identity and allows a company to interlink these sites, and thereby increase their web ranking. KVC Hostings newest C-Class option makes it possible for companies with hundreds of websites to provide independent IPs for each one. In addition, the company offers a range of other C-Class options that start at 10 IP for companies and businesses that only have a few domains, so that clients can find the right plan to fit their needs.

The newest 300 C-Class IP Cheap SEO Hosting comes with the following features:

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