La Peer Announces Merger With 436 Beverly Hills Surgery Center

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) May 07, 2013

Recently Los Angeles-based La Peer Health Systems has announced their merger with 436 Beverly Hills Surgery Center. This merger not only marks a tremendous milestone in the medical community, but it signals the development of a dynamic powerhouse of physicians and surgeons from two of the most successful surgical centers in Los Angeles.

La Peer Health Systems has long been known for its team of top-notch surgeons and management team. With innovation at its forefront, the surgical center is a leader in technological advancements and patient care in the field of outpatient and minimally invasive surgery. As a physician-owned, physician-managed facility, La Peer has been able to give a unique perspective in todays changing healthcare market.

We are excited about this movement towards growth. La Peer is not only growing as a staff, but we will be developing numerous new programs that will further expand our practice areas and benefit our patients, said Dr. Babak Azizzadeh, Beverly Hills plastic and reconstructive surgeon as well as a Managing Director at La Peer.

Over the next few months, La Peer will be intensifying its efforts to roll out a host of new programs that will benefit both their practice areas and patients. Technology, community outreach, Internet marketing and the surgical centers multidisciplinary Centers of Excellence are only a few areas that will see changes.

Our patients currently receive high level services, but through this merger we will be able to extend beyond and provide our patients with even more as it relates to patient care and programming, said Dr. Lisa Cassileth, a Beverly Hills plastic and reconstructive surgeon and Managing Director at La Peer. This will really change what patients are accustomed to seeing in typical surgical centers.

In todays medical market, there is an increasing need for excellent patient care and safety, and this merger between La Peer and 436 Beverly Hills is seen as a response to that need. Through the merger, the Los Angeles surgery center will be able to expand opportunities to their physicians that will trickle down to a superior level of service to their patients.

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