Lady GaGa-Just Dance(Live @ Yahoo Critical Eye)


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21 Responses to Lady GaGa-Just Dance(Live @ Yahoo Critical Eye)

  1. mateuszdmihr says:

    OMG, why did she use autotune?!

  2. onanangrychair says:

    She’s pretty everywhere, actually. Ha, thumps!

  3. robloxplayerman1 says:

    wtf? i have no paws

  4. LadyGaGaGeek says:

    Eh, I think Mark is the BEST dancer! :)

  5. imLittleMonster26 says:

    Paws Up if ur seeing this in 2012.!!

  6. kool2btrue says:

    Esas mensadas de nuevo, ya quisieras.

  7. Joshua Bradford says:

    I always loved when she sung Just Dance when she first started out. (:

  8. MsLove2592 says:

    le copio a september,,,,,,en el video oficial de cry for you……..tanto en la manera de moverse de las bailarinas como de la vestimenta

  9. hamzaemoboy says:

    Lady gaga in hijab :/

  10. LohengrinT says:

    by accident and recently Dina reappeared in marry the night fabulous as always – best dancer gaga ever had

  11. xxStevenNguyenxx says:

    Autotune singing. <3 <3

  12. maciel1012 says:

    awesome i love Gaga♥

  13. coolida23511 says:

    I remember watching this on yahoomusic(.)com and i had NO IDEA who she was. I literally fell in love with her after watching this.

  14. FuzzyFishi says:

    I disagree. I think she just evolved. All of the fans who joined on later on during the fame monster or btw say this! Her fashion and shows during this period were saturated with amazing pop culture references, she knew everything she was doing. You can’t fake enthusiasm!

  15. alexsremixes says:

    the current gaga is what she always has been, this gaga is just what she was to get attention

  16. MapleStory012 says:

    She changed too much.

  17. OfficialPrinceGaga says:

    that’s the back up dancer she punched in the face and now she’s in the MARRY THE NIGHT MUSIC VIDEO!!! how i miss this old gaga!!!!!!

  18. alexsremixes says:

    thats the back up dancer she punched in the face

  19. herbabymonster says:

    “i know right”

  20. MapleStory012 says:

    What does ‘IKR’ mean?

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