Lady Gaga – Poker face (google translate edition)

Funny video of google translate singing Poker face! 😉
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to Lady Gaga – Poker face (google translate edition)

  1. highdesertsukari says:

    Please do Suit & Tie…I am obsessed with these.

  2. Rain Foxy says:

    Po po po poker face ! 😀

  3. Joey B. says:

    ma ma ma MWUH

  4. David Walsh says:

    ill get u hot show me what u got xD

  5. Niko Chu says:

    Can;t read my…. can’t ready my…. XD

  6. Xristos Vaxevanos says:

    is better than the oficial

  7. XXLBASS1979 says:

    Ou Ou Ou Ou Ou Ou Ou Ou wtf

  8. wesseljonguh1998 says:

    better than origenal

  9. Hunter Loqanlerman says:

    Omg. Oh, oh oh , woah woah woah, I can’t xD im dying.

  10. Chaotic Eruaneth says:


  11. lindseymjjfan says:

    Says who?

  12. salma nadine Simon says:


  13. Taimoor Sahi says:

    hahaha this is to good!!!!

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