Land Lucrative Corporate Contracts Workshop

Land Lucrative Corporate Contracts Workshop
Event on 2015-05-08 09:00:00

You're invited to join, Tracy Tobler, author, speaker & creator of  the "Calling To Contracts System",  on May 8th 2015  for this content-rich workshop:

Land Lucrative Corporate Contracts


3 Steps to Activating Your Genius, Serving More Clients and Doubling Your Profits


You'll learn how to: 

  • Create consistent cash flow in your business by working with larger organizations and companies.

  • Learn step-by-step how to find & connect with decision-makers, get past the gatekeepers to actually getting a contract.

  • How to price, package & position your offers so add ,000, ,000 or ,000 (ore more) to your revenue. 

  • Shorten your sales cycle so they say, "Yes!" and take quick action to get started working with you.  

BONUS: Pricing Worksheets and Marketing Checklists so you can implementing right away! (7 Value)


Are you frustrated because you're…

  • super smart, highly-educated and been in business for awhile but not earning what you desire
  • Charging by the hour and always need new clients
  • Tired of hearing "I Can't Afford It"
  • Done spending time and money on internet marketing with lousy results
  • Tired of getting the run around (or ignored) from companies you've contacted
  • Scared of being sales-y or pushy when asking for the sale and discussing your offers
  • Wondering where to find more ideal clients who can afford your services
  • Overwhelmed with your to-do list and just want to share your message and help more people
  • Explaining your services and people's eyes glaze over 
  • Not sure how to get started contacting companies or finding decision makers

Then this workshop is for you!

 Warning: Information shared in this practical and high-content training event is highly transformational. 

We invite you to join us for this live event

Tracy is intuitive and wonderful if you are seeking clarity in your business. She helped with increasing my confidence in moving forward in my business. Tricia Melvin, Enterpreneur

Tracy has a very effective way of drawing out what your blocks are and how to easily overcome them. Fran Fuller, Sales Leadership & Training, Entrepreneur



Land Lucrative Corporate Contracts Workshop

May 8, 2015

9am- 2pm

Hyatt Regency

Bellevue, WA

Registration includes valuable worksheets, checklists & templates (0 value)

Gourmet refreshments & lunch provided


Any questions?

Contact my team at tracy (at) or call 206.954.1601 

Rave Reviews From Past Participants:

Working with Tracy gives you the opportunity to reflect and use internal processes to remove obstacles so that you can move forward toward your goals. Claudia Smith, Claudia Smith Corporate Consulting

With Tracy's support I gained clarity on what will move me toward a prosperous future, body, mind and spirit not just financial. Also, in relationships with self, family and friends. Tracy is a great insructor & her workshops are fun, interactive, informative & always result in actionable items to implement immediately. Rebecca Wisner, Mortgage Advisory Group

Tracy is an energetic & knowledgeable speaker. She presents information in a clear & easy to understand style. John Farver, Farver Law Firm

Tracy's techniques were very clarifying and easy to implement immediately. Julie Lange, Entrepreneur

I feel more focused & confident. Tracy gave me a vision & achievable plan how to stay focused…thus meet my goals. Linda Olsen, Independant Legalshield Associate


 Tracy Tobler, creator of the "Calling to Contracts System:, works with brilliant professionals who love to serve and hate to sell(TM) and shows them how to clearly and concisely express what they do in a tangible way so large organizations say YES! Alllowing you to serve more clients, multiply your profits and work less.    An avid traveler & lover of culture and cuisines from around the world, she brings that sense of curiosity and adventure to her business.  After an ooportunity to move to Switzerland arose, she jumed at the chance but couldn't find full-time work. While teaching part-time, she started an English language training service and immediately landed high-end corporate clients even though she spoke broken German (at best).   She now passionately shares her experiences and strategies with her global community of heart-centered entrepreneurs.
Her writing as appeared in the Amazon best-selling book, The Gratitude Project and in the SwissNews & ETAS magazines.  

Event Cancellation Policy:

Any cancellation received in writing up to two weeks prior to the event will receive a full refund. Otherwise a credit toward any Tracy Tobler Inc. product, service or event will be applied. 


Any questions?

Contact my team at tracy (at) or call 206.954.1601 


at Hyatt Regency Bellevue Hotel
900 Bellevue Way NE
Bellevue, United States

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