Langbein: NZ's blonde Nigella

Langbein: NZ's blonde Nigella
Pity the poor TV chef who isn't attractive (particularly if female; Gordon Ramsay has shown that you can suffer the cruellest teenage acne and rise above it), articulate (even Jamie Oliver could lisp for England), or, failing all else, self-mocking …

Laughing killer sentenced to death
Burris had difficulty speaking throughout his trial because of a lisp and a speech impediment, and court reporters had a hard time recording a transcript. But during Tuesday's profane outburst, he spoke clearly. "He's been faking it the whole time …
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Kids make smart walking stick for blind
Tales of school kids putting together a race-car prototype or a talking machine that can replicate a human lisp are not uncommon. But more often than not, these extremely clever student-designed contraptions fail to live up to one of the first …
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