language variety on cadbury’s choc

language variety on cadbury’s choc

Image by nofrills
I think this is a good source for learning several languages at one time. Seriously, you can look at the word "sugar", for example.

There are English, French, German, Spanish, Portguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish (mmm, difficult), Russian (this is very difficult), Greek (very difficult), Polish (difficult), Chech (difficult), Arabic (you’ll need at least 30 days to learn the letters), Japanese (my native tongue so no problem for me), and Chinese (the characters are the same so I can guess to some extent).

In this picture, there are Norwegian (blurred), Danish, Finnish, Russian, Greek, Polish, Chech, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese (blurred).

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11 Responses to language variety on cadbury’s choc

  1. Andrey Romik☮ff says:

    I see the inscription on Russian! "Очищенный сахарный сироп, белки, углеводы"… (Refined sugar syrup, squirrels, carbohydrates)

  2. nofrills says:

    Thank you, And-rey, but "squirrels"??? Maybe it’s because of the blur. :-) I will not throw away this box until I take another shot. :-)

  3. Andrey Romik☮ff says:

    May be not "squirrels" on English. May be "proteines"?

  4. nofrills says:

    The fonts are soooo teeny that I can’t spot the English word for белки now at the moment… I will try again.

  5. nofrills says:

    Yep! I tried again. Left, middle and right parts.

  6. Iirlane Tallinnas says:

    Please add to: :-)

  7. nofrills says:

    Eestlane_lirimaal: Thank you for the invite. Very interesting concept the group has. :)) This Cadbury package shows how languages and economy go together. Cadbury is a global chocolate manufacturer who exports worldwide, so they need to put various languages on the package.

  8. conceptual says:

    Great Idea!

  9. marcoscarbajo says:

    Hi, I quote your image in my website. I reproduce your license creative commons. My site have a CC License, too. Thanks, It´s really a very good picture: Marcos

  10. nofrills says:

    Thank you, Marcos, for letting me know. Feel free to use my CC photos for your blog and/or website. That’s what CC is for. :)

  11. M3MO says:

    Good stuff. I’m using this photo at . Thanks for making it CC.

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