Larry Page: Where’s Google going next?

Onstage at TED2014, Charlie Rose interviews Google CEO Larry Page about his far-off vision for the company. It includes aerial bikeways and internet balloons…
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15 Responses to Larry Page: Where’s Google going next?

  1. Larry Page says:

    Had fun at TED conference recently with a quick conversation with +Charlie Rose about where Google is headed. Here is youtube video.

  2. Robert Scholz says:

    He brings up a good point about thinking about ‘the tremendous good we can achieve by sharing the right information with the right people in the right ways’. I’m all for privacy and the right to control what info about me gets out, but if anonymous facts about me can help progress science and research then that’s something I can get behind.

  3. Monika Schmidt says:

    *Where do you go Google?* Inspiring TED Talk with +Larry Page :

  4. Rick Eliason says:

    *Where is Google heading?* *Insightful Q+A with Larry Page, Google’s co-founder about what the company is working on right now and what they are moving towards.* My favourite quote that we can all learn from: *What do companies do wrong? They miss the future!* H/t +Denis Labelle for bringing this to my attention!

  5. Frank R. says:

    I’m working on an abridged manual transcript.

  6. M4XC4V413R4 says:

    i’m sorry but i can’t get this out of my head….. is that his voice?

  7. Bob Loosemore says:

    automatic cars? Ariel bikes? What about clean water for poor people, Larry?

  8. CowsRule says:

    Why the hell can’t more companies in the world be run like men like Larry? What a huge difference the world would be in. Thanks Larry for making life better!

  9. Joachim Peiper says:

    where is google going? if i had my way, they’d be going over a very very high cliff along with their suck ass google glass, google docs, and the worst POS of all, gmail

  10. Ryoen Deprouw says:

    Those, for who hasn’t seen it yet… Where is Google going next… Interview with Larry Page on TED… Google = future minded, more companies should be like this…

  11. alex bro says:

    within the first 3 minutes of this video, is he essentially saying that Google is working towards profiling everyone on the internet?

  12. GSA MENA says:

    Larry Page – TED Talk

  13. Castratedd Squirrell says:

    He sounds kinda gay.

  14. 1elearning says:

    he sounds like a 9 year old kid(larry page)

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