Larry Wilson: The tree canopy versus the space shuttle

Larry Wilson: The tree canopy versus the space shuttle
WITHOUT necessarily greeting you with Spock's Live Long and Prosper raised-hand salute, I am a total space geek. Here at the paper, we support unmanned exploration, of course, being such homers for JPL and its robots. Vastly more efficient way to …
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Star Trek's Sexy Femme Fatales Made Men Suffer
Fans got treated to a glimpse of Spock's Vulcan life in the episode "Amok Time". They met the woman promised as the first officer's wife, T'Pring. She was beautiful and smart. However, she was also deadly. She didn't love the Enterprise's first officer …

Star Trek Cookie Cutters: I'm a Pastry Chef, Not a Baker, Jim!
With these in your mess hall, you'll be replicating cookies that look like the Starship Enterprise, a phaser, Spock's hand, the Federation or Klingon logo. The set comes with one each of the aforementioned shapes, though there's no guarantee that your …
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