Las Vegas 2012 – Health Centers of the Future Seminar – Degenerative Disease, Practice Building and Integration. Call 888-600-0642 for more information.

Las Vegas 2012 – Health Centers of the Future Seminar – Degenerative Disease, Practice Building and Integration. Call 888-600-0642 for more information.
Event on 2012-11-08 13:00:00

Our HCF Las Vegas Event will infuse cutting edge  testing and natural support protocols for degenerative conditons.  The systems and programs you will learn at this seminar can be applied in your office the day you return.  Practitioners will also learn how to effectively market degenerative conditions and integrate nutrition into their practice.  You will learn the science to get to the cause, marketing strategies to bring in new patients and protocols to meet the needs of these modern day conditions.  To learn more about our seminars Click Here or contact us at 1-888-600-0642

Read this Facebook testimony from our last event: "Thx guys! Your program rocks! I have already generated over 20 nutrition appointments since your seminar! For (new) patients it a no brainer."
Dr. C.J. Trupp DC

Specail Guest Speakers:

  Dr. Dan Pompa DC

Dr. Dan Pompa has established his practice on a firm and proven conviction that the crisis of modern-day allopathic medicine and even natural medicine is the sad result of physicians chasing symptoms with medication and supplements rather than addressing the root cause of disease. Dr. Pompa is a world leader in health and wellness industry traveling the country educating doctors and their patients on the 5 R's of True Cellular Detoxification.  The number one reason he has a waiting list practice and has clients come to him from all over the world is his ability to get his  patients well.

      Jordan Rubin
New York Times best selling health author Jordan Rubin NMD., PhD exposes the hidden truth behind our modern food supply and teaches you how to supply your family with highly nutritious non toxic foods and beverages no matter where you live. Learn the hidden truth behind the "industrial organic" food supply and how you can take your health to the next level, Beyond Organic.

Jordan Rubin, has earned Doctorates in Naturopathic Medicine, and Nutrition and Natural Therapies. He has written several best selling books including "The Makers Diet, Patient Heal Thyself, and Restoring Your Digestive Health. He is a world leader in the mission of educating the masses concerning natural health and healing.          Phil Kaplan
Considered by many to be the father of combining traditional business philosophies and practices with personal training.  Phil worked his way up from a minimum wage fitness instructor to health club operator and owner to a media personality appearing on over 1,000 television and radio programs as well as authoring over 250 published articles. Phil is responsible for introducing many of the standard industry practices that are utilized by fitness professionals worldwide, such as Supportive  Nutrition, A Concern for Muscle, Moderate Aerobic Exercise, The Series Philosophy, Unconditional Money Back Guarantee, The Transform Program, The Orientation, NAVAQA Sales Technique of Influence and many others. He is also the author of  Personal Training Profits and a Secure Fitness Future and the e-program, Change Your Mind, Change the World.
Dr. Engers Fernandez MD Dr. Fernandez is currently the director of the Bio-nutrition and Detoxification department for the largest wellness clinic in Central Florida. His department provides a synergy of services based on wellness and prevention. Shortly after earning his medical degree from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, Dr. Fernandez realized that health should be more than just writing prescriptions for his patients, and he chose to learn more about functional medicine, nutrition, wellness, and research. He worked as a leader and consultant for major companies in the nutraceutical industry in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Other Speakers and Topics: 
Lori Serra ND – Pratice Building / Marketing
Warren Phillips MS – Internet Marketing
Tracy Mastandria RD and Faith Hill –  Nutrition Office System Integration All our seminars include:

  • FREE – Over 200 page manual of practice changing protocols and strategies. A 5 Value!     
  • FREE – Dr. Pompa's Public Weight Loss and Toxicity DVD. A 5 Value!
  • FREE –  Access to "The Graduate Resource" website.  On this site we provide marketing radio ad's, advertisements for nutrition seminars (cafe's), presentations, nutrition protocols, recommended products, and more! A 5 Value!

Questions?  Contact us at 1-888-600-0642


Recent Testimonies:

"Dr. Pompa demystifies the natural approach to modern day disease and cellular dysfunction.
His science based protocols and programs have completely transformed our large wellness
and nutrition clinic, increasing our patients success rate to levels we have never
imagined.  Dr. Pompa has been the difference in our ability to reach the community"

Dr. Engers Fernandez M.D. – Lake Marry, FL

After stopping my practice for over 3 years, Dr. Pompa's seminars have
inspired and encouraged me to use my God given talent to help change people's
lives. After attending countless seminars over the past 20 years that inspired
little change,  I never dreamed that Dr. Pompa's brilliant tutelage could ignite
my passion, bring me the answers that have have been endless searching for and
give me the tools to set up a new successful practice in a few short months.
He is warm, loving, full of energy and he teaches with razor sharp insight. 
His understanding of the human body and his programs and protocols have proven
invaluable for me in my practice.  Because of Dr. Pompa, I am miles ahead of my
colleagues.  I will be forever grateful to this man, who has revived in me the
courage to open my practice doors again. He has forever changed my life and I
have such deep love and respect for him. Dr. Pompa is God's miracle to me. 

Kristin Rotblatt, L.Ac. Sana Monica, CA

"I highly respect Dr. Pompa for his story, and not only his commitment to return himself
to optimum health, but also the innovative ways he has developed to restore the health of
many others! As…I am this story too! How can you not love him!"

Max Sielsky, CNHP, BT Adrian, MI

The first time I heard Dr Pompa speak (on a call), I knew he had explanations and answers
I was looking for. I flew off to Pittsburgh 2 weeks later to attend his seminar, and was
blown away. He taught so many answers I didn't learn in school, or in other seminars –
answers that only come from serious searching and personal experience. After one weekend
I knew SO MUCH MORE and could finally truly help the sickest people I knew. Also very helpful
is Dr Pompa's business program, which teaches you how to implement these nutrition & detox programs.
You can make the changes in a week, and it will build your income, your reputation, & your confidence.
Doesn't hurt that he's a great speaker – you won't fall asleep. 

Dr. Barabara Jennings D.C. Fort Collins, CO

Dr. Pompa is one of the most brilliant healers of our time. He is relentless in his research and
shares his knowledge with unbelievable passion and reliability. He is a true teacher that places
value on his audience understanding his message. Whether he is educating students, doctors or patients,
his message is life changing! He has transformed my life personally and professionally. Once you listen
to Dr. Pompa your life is forever changed. 

Faith Hill, Nutrition Consultant Charlotte, NC

Dr. Pompa has an unique way of delivering information that is cutting edge yet understandable. 
I have personally know Dr. Pompa for over seven years and I am always amazed at his knowledge
of the physiology of the human body.  By implementing his protocols in my office I have helped
save the lives of hundreds of people from a lifetime bound to prescription drugs, pain and literally
no hope of ever breaking the cycle.  I know my wife and I are personally grateful to Dr. Pompa for
saving her life from both Lyme's Disease and mold toxicity.  I don't know where we would be after a
near death with placenta abruptu and cancer from these two diseases without the knowledge we
learned from Dr. Pompa.  This goes without saying how our practice has grown by leaps and bounds
by implementing these procedures in our office.

Dr.'s Chad and Teresa Hyatt D.C. Buford, GA

"Dr. Pompa is one of the most caring, energetic, and knowledgeable people I know, and have the pleasure
of calling my friend!!!  His passion for helping others achieve high levels of success in all aspects of
their lives is second to none.  His work has had such a major impact on myself and my family and I consider
it an honor to be able to help others the way Dr. Pompa has helped us." 

Dr. Patrick Newhouse D.C. Davenport, IA

"Dr. Dan Pompa is one of those rare people who has the ability to take complicated subjects and teach them in
a way that seems simple.  He has a passion for helping others and lives by his principles. 
When I finish one of his seminars I feel confident with my understanding of how health and heeling occur
at the cellular level.  He is clearly a leader in cellular health and functional medicine."

Dr. Brent Baldasare D.C. Orlando, FL

"Dr. Pompa has a purpose with such passion to help sick people get well and his teaching has changed my life.   As I sat in at my first Health Centers of the Future seminar, I realized that my health issues had been due
to environmental exposure that I did not uncover even after years of searching and treatment. My mother had become ill at a young age and now I know it was because of lead exposure during a house renovation. This was revealed to me after a metal toxicity test that showed that I personally had high levels of lead and mercury. I am now able to confidently communicate my own past health issues and how they have been reversed with true cellular detoxification protocols.  I have also brought Dr. Pompa to my office to teach my clients and blessed many with the truth about weight loss, anti-aging, diabetes, toxicity and cellular healing. His mission has put a new urgency to spread the truth to my community and even help teach other practitioners so that they can do the same.  Health centers of the Future seminars have exploded my practice and transfomred my life.  Thank You!"

Lori Serra N.D. Lebanon, NJ

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