Latest News: Genetic Testing, Google Search, John Muir Day

Latest News: Genetic Testing, Google Search, John Muir Day
Good morning. Here's what you need to know: • Headway in genetic testing. Two advances in genetic tests for breast cancer are announced today that could make the process less expensive and more precise. A Silicon Valley start-up says its test, which …
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Ruth Porat's Parting Words Shows Why She's Leaving Morgan Stanley For Google
Faced with a stagnant share price over the past 16-months, Google may find a seasoned Wall Street veteran to be the perfect fit if it needs to change or better explain its capital allocation priorities. Underpinning Porat's discussion of change on Wall …
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Wolff: Google's antitrust bet that it's a tech-led world
The day after EU regulators charged Google with massive antitrust violations, The New York Times carried a front-page story that said the campaign against Google in Europe was being substantially financed by Microsoft. Putting aside the fact that this …
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