(PRWEB) November 23, 1999

LOS ANGELES, CA, November 20, 1999 – Peter Black and the Corporation staff have found the coolest places on the Web so you don’t have to. Their new book, Informatica 1.0 (Random House, November 1999), hosts the best places to search out the most useful and incredible stuff on the Web. Finally normal folks won’t be left out of the digital revolution – Informatica 1.0 is an easy way for the technologically backward to leap ahead. In addition, the CD-ROM version lets you keep pace with the newest things on the Net with monthly downloadable updates from the website.

Big Brother is watching! People have good reason to imagine that their messages are being read. Informatica’s first ‘over the Web’ update (published today) gives you the 411 on the Echelon Project – immense banks of intelligence agency supercomputers searching cycberspace for keywords that might indicate enemy activity against the US. Echelon’s electronic “dictionaries” monitor phone calls, faxes, telegraphy, radioteletype, and emails worldwide. These dictionaries include words or phrases that are of interest to intelligence analysts, and are used to filter the Niagara-like flow of data through the world’s communication systems. Informatica has pulled together 1,400 of the keywords the hacker community suspects get you on Big Brother’s list.

“These keywords are fascinating and can springboard you to some very interesting Web sites,” said Peter Black, CEO of Corporation and senior editor for Informatica 1.0. “Words such as Bad Aibling, Chalet, Nurrungar, Fortezza, UKUSA, Lacrosse, HERF, and Pine Gap, if submitted in a search engine query, can yield some unexpected results and could bring you into the headlights of the National Security Agency’s supercomputers.”

Research into a subject like Echelon is a perfect example of the extraordinary stuff you can find if you know how to search the Web. That’s what Informatica 1.0 is all about! Informatica is an intoxicating 400 pages of the best, hardware, software, Web sites, books, DVDs and stuff that only the smartest digerati/geeks know about, and the CD-ROM includes over 1,000 hot URLs leading to the Net’s greatest secrets. Owners of the CD-ROM can download a regular monthly update.

Here’s a sampling of the great gems you’ll find in Informatica 1.0:

— Gentlehints ( Boss has bad breath and you don’t know how to tell her? Logon to the Web site and a polite, anonymous note is sent suggesting breath mints and ways to curb halitosis.

— Cryptonomicon ( Neal Stephenson cyberpunk book about the world of Crypto.

— Copernic ( Software for Searching the Net that uses all the best search engines simultaneously and ranks results with summaries by relevance.

— Jtrack ( Satellite Tracker for Active Desktop. Onto your screen will be projected a simulation of the position of virtually every significant orbiting object in space (although notably absent – no surprise – are most of the spook satellites).

— Best Calls ( and Vcall ( Sites offering individual investors free access to the same presentations and conference calls as the big institutional investors, at the same time or only slightly delayed.

These entries are designed to decipher the Internet and empower any level of Net head with the best tools for today’s information society.

About Author:

Peter McNaughton Black founded and is CEO of Corporation, a Los Angeles-based publisher of reference products on disk and the Net. He is the senior editor of Informatica 1.0, publisher of Encyclopedia Electronica™, and is a recognized authority on Infrastructure Warfare. Mr. Black lives with his wife, Patricia and their three children in West Los Angeles.

Informatica 1.0 and the CD-ROM version are available at bookstores or directly from at For more information and the most recent downloads visit

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