Latest Snowden leak: NSA hacked into Google, Yahoo data streams

The National Security Agency has infiltrated the links between Yahoo and Google data centers worldwide, according to the latest leaks by NSA whistleblower Ed…
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13 thoughts on “Latest Snowden leak: NSA hacked into Google, Yahoo data streams

  1. i wish someone important would ask the NSA talking heads> “why should anyone trust you?—no..not the agency you’re representing here..i mean, why should anyone trust YOU?” “YOU are basically asking everyone to just be OK with YOU listening in on all of our/their conversations…why should we/they trust YOU?” “ their anyone YOU would trust to read all of YOUR mail??”

  2. Gen. Keith Alexander has said, essentially, that>”as long as any privacy exists on Earth, America’s National Security will be threatened.” To which, it’s time everyone replied>”so what? big fucking deal? we’ll take our chances.”

  3. search youtube for “Google CIA” use those two search terms. result is Parody news site the Onion. They have often been confused with real news. Once by Fox news, once by China, many other cases.

  4. Edward Snowden is a great American patriot and he should be allowed to return home to the United States with a hero’s welcome. Why do these spy programs sound like something that the insidiously evil former VP Dick Cheney would be behind?

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