Latest Video Update from James Schramko Explores Ways to Strengthen SEO Rankings After New Algorithm Change

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) June 05, 2013

Webmasters and business owners were once again greeted by the announcement of a new algorithm update (a 2.0 version) by a major search engine this month. Knowing that such an update can have a significant impact on websites across the globe, James, Schramko, owner of SuperFastBusiness and its various online business units such as SEOPartner and LinkJuice, recently released a video update exploring ways to maintain positive SEO rankings in light of new algorithm developments.

The original algorithm update was launched in April 2012 and was refreshed twice within the same year. Its primary purpose was to reduce Web spam and to penalize websites with unnatural link profiles. The update was designed to identify websites that managed to appear at the top of search engine results pages despite having poor quality and little value to provide Internet users.

According to the search engine’s software and Web spam expert, “about 2.3% of English-US queries are affected to the degree that a regular user might notice.” Early evaluations from software companies reveal that gaming sites, adult sites, and even the websites of certain well-known organizations appear to have been affected the most by the newest update.

“The good news is, weve gone and analyzed the big cross-section of our own customers, and in the majority of cases, our customer rankings have increased,” Schramko shares. “And I feel that is because a lot of the bad sites using very bad ‘spammy’ networks have been filtered out a little bit harder.”

The Sydney-based marketer assures clients that their websites continue to be rated on a color code schedule that it implemented some months before, which greatly helps in keeping clients informed about where they stand in terms of risk. Business owners who are also students of Schramko’s powerful online marketing strategies can also stay on the right path to achieving success by following an “SEO best practice tips series” which he will be releasing soon.

One of the best things that Webmasters can do which is also something that Schramko has been advising clients and students to do since the first algorithm update rollouts is to keep things simple, high-quality, and organic.

“Weve been preparing for these sorts of updates for a long time. We now use zero automation in our business in terms of tools,” the entrepreneur explains. “Stay away from the shortcuts, the tools, the quick fixes, the hacks, the little cheap tricks they dont work. Stick with hand-created website content. Put your best content in the richest media source that you can on your website, and youll be fine.”

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