Latin American presidents love Twitter — maybe too much

Latin American presidents love Twitter — maybe too much
Yet there is no question that the technology has made the invective fly faster than ever before. In the aftermath of this month's bitterly contested election to succeed Chavez in Venezuela, there were moments when both candidates were simultaneously …

Google Glass, The Psion Series 3 Of Wearable Technology
As the reviews of Google Glass start coming out from the Explorers program, the reaction is splitting along familiar lines of those sure that it is the future of technology, and others who think society will push back against the technology. It reminds …
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Tragedies, technology reshaping free press
Two national tragedies separated by six years and a day — the April 15 bombing at the Boston Marathon and the April 16, 2007, mass shooting at Virginia Tech University — also are notable in marking how technology is reshaping some uses of our …
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