Launch of Ultimate Typing Enables Typing Beginners To Type Like A Pro

New York City, NY (PRWEB) December 06, 2012

Today eReflect company announced the launch of their newest product, Ultimate Typing. It’s the latest development in typing tutor software and one which can effortlessly and accurately sharpen anyones typing skills. With innovative teaching strategies and a variety of activities and drills, Ultimate Typing ensures that a learner can go from beginner to pro in just two weeks.

After years of following up on scientific research, incorporating technological innovations, and applying expert creativity, Ultimate Typing was completed. The software is scientifically grounded which guarantees that with a daily 7-minute practice session anyone can enjoy perceptible improvement in their typing speed and accuracy.

Ultimate Typing is a very accessible typing software package, especially for beginners or really bad typists, as it is both easy to follow and expert-designed. What Ultimate Typing focuses on is beginner typing. There are no assumptions about the learner knowing basic rules or tips. Rather, the learner starts from scratch and learns all necessary rules and tricks for accurate and fast typing.

Even for learners who do have some elementary knowledge of typing and just want to improve their speed or typing accuracy, thank to the softwares Adaptive Learning Technology every user has access to personalized, relevant exercises that will improve their typing based on their needs.

The seven advanced strategies that the software implements ensure that no matter where the user’s typing level is at the beginning, their speed and accuracy will consistently improve after 2 weeks of daily practice. Ultimate Typing was designed by experts who are well aware of the needs and idiosyncrasies of typing learners, and who made sure that these needs are efficiently addressed by the software.

The EasyLEarn technology incorporates an intuitive, interactive video tutor which engages the learner in the process through a watch-then-practice method. This technology is a well-designed one and the initial feedback shows it to be an efficient one as well, especially when compared with the canned robot-like instructions found in other software packages.

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About Ultimate Typing

Ultimate Typing, is an advanced typing tutor software that offers incomparably sophisticated typing strategies.

Ultimate Typing is informed by the latest research and scientific developments about efficient typing. With as little as 7 minutes a day, aspiring fast typists can substantially improve their typing accuracy and speed.

With its user-friendly and expert-designed activities all users can improve their typing. Accurate typing is possible thanks to Ultimate Typing. Plus, eReflect provides a money-back guarantee that cannot be matched.

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