Lava Boost Marketing vs Google Marketing

(PRWEB) October 16, 2012

Every day there are potential customers clicking on Ads online. Those Ad clicks resulting in a sale are never guaranteed. Effective Pay Per Click advertising works when campaigns are placed properly and targeted correctly. Geo-targeting, relevancy and keywords all have to be implemented to obtain quality hits while hoping to avoid too many misses. To use a Baseball analogy, a batter gets only three strikes to put the ball in play and get on base. Swing and miss after the second strike and the batter is out. It would be easier if baseball players had unlimited opportunities and unlimited strikes to hit the ball, right? Case and point: Lava Boost allows its advertisers to not only create conversions and brand their business; they make it affordable for their clients to miss a few times before the results start to take shape. Recent enhancements to the Lava Boost traffic network now allow advertisers to take full advantage of the Lava Boost price points on its Pay Per Click campaigns. With the cost of keywords attached to Google’s marketing products and Pay Per Click services, the pressure of having to make an immediate impact and convert customers right away can be overwhelming. Just ask a local Insurance agent who has probably paid upwards of $ 30 a click only to see his or her budget dry up after 100 clicks. Obviously big businesses have a lot of staying power budget wise to be able to afford premium keywords, but what about the small and mid-sized business? Targeted online marketing is a high stakes game where longevity takes precedence. The pressure to convert a click into a client can be a tall mountain to climb especially when keywords are so costly. Lava Boost never charges its clients for keywords and there is a great reason behind that decision. Reason being, words searched for on the web creates keyword pricing. The more popular search categories like Insurance and Attorney can cost upwards of $ 30 a click for an advertiser due to the popularity of the search word. Google sets keyword prices merely for one reason, they can. Lava Boost strides to return the savings back to its customers and therefore does not charge for keywords attached to their clients campaigns as documented on their website

Lava Boost was created to fix everything that is wrong with traditional cost per click and expensive SEO. They offer unique Contextual Ad Products that create branding and conversions for their advertisers. The Lava Boost network is comprised of over 250,000 established websites that are used to match their clients Ads to generate clicks similar to Google Ad Choices. To put it simply, Lava Boost advertisers are able to leverage off the traffic of popular high volume websites by having their Ads and Banners displayed within these relevant sites. Each client of Lava Boost has an internet marketing specialist assigned to their account who helps in mapping out impactful campaigns for its advertisers. They also offer very competitive pricing packages that any business can use to their advantage. Lava Boost makes sure that clients Ads are being placed properly and they provide weekly reports and ROI tracking for their clients to document the results. Lava Boost is built on integrity and customer service, and they believe that the value of communication and transparency with a marketing provider is paramount.

Lava Boost actively adds websites to their traffic platform and only works with websites that are top tier with respect to content, traffic volume and significance. Lava Boost wants its clients to be aligned with only the best and most relevant websites for conversion opportunities. Publishers get paid to put Ads and banners on their website; this is the nucleus of Lava Boosts network. Google Ad Sense is similar to this business model. Lava Boost does not charge for keywords that are attached to their advertisers campaign while Google Ad Words can. If certain industries, products or services are popular in the search engine there can be some really big keyword costs. Lava Boost is not an SEO company; they are a global network that serves traffic through over 250,000 quality popular websites that already have a great search rank. Advertisers with Lava Boost are able to inadvertently avoid costly SEO and premium keyword expenses by leveraging off the traffic flow of established publishers that may have already absorbed that cost.

It is also worth mentioning that the Lava Boost targeted traffic network offers a unique “spider” mechanism for retargeting a user who has clicked on an Ad. The spider then follows that person who clicked on the Ad to every site they visit thereafter. As an example; someone surfing the web may visit the CARMAX website, look at cars and then decide to jump to another website to see movie times at a local theater. The cars the user may have viewed can start showing up in the form of Contextual Ads on the movie website therefore prompting a conversion while attempting to redirect the user to the previous site. This is a unique feature Lava Boost offers its advertisers and they provide this re-targeting feature for a fraction of the price of traditional Pay Per Click.

To sum it up; Google is a great company and they have truly changed the way we search for products and information. They are also a business that makes their profits by placing Ads within their network to create commerce for their clients. Lava Boost marketing and Google marketing are similar. However, the difference is that some of the features they charge for are free with Lava Boost. Lava Boost is a comparable, affordable alternative to any traditional Pay Per Click provider, expensive SEO or contextual based online marketing services. Businesses that have used other means of online marketing who were not very successful or did not have a long enough campaign know the benefits that Lava Boost provide. Lava Boost knows that everybody who clicks on an Ad is not guaranteed to buy, but its nice to know that if an advertiser is swinging and missing at least the marketing budget is still intact and time is on their side until the big hits arrive.

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