Leader in Timeshare Reputation Management, JW Maxx Solutions Reminds People that the Timeshare Industry Survives Tough Economic Times at ARDA 2013

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) April 07, 2013

Leader in timeshare reputation management worldwide, JW Maxx Solutions CEO and Founder Walter Halicki will be speaking at the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) World convention technology forum in Hollywood, Fla. April 7-11. Hes reminding the 3,000 attendees from 35 countries that the timeshare industry is healthy and stays strong during economic downturns.

According to Halicki, hotel occupancy rates have dipped in accordance with consumer spending but because timeshares operate on a pre-paid business model theyve been largely unaffected. This also comes at a time when reputation management services are in greater demand. His company, JW Maxx Solutions, is a leader in timeshare reputation management worldwide and reminds industry leaders that its not enough to rely on high occupancy rates. It only takes a few unflattering comments online to distract from the fastest growing segments of the tourism and travel industry.

Taking control of your online reputation is just as important as meeting the demands of your timeshare clients, according to Halicki. By using a reputation management leader like JW Maxx Solutions, it saves timeshare businesses time and money. Halicki is scheduled to speak at the technology forum during ARDA World 2013 where hell offer insights on how to capitalize on the industrys economic buoyancy and protect online reputations.

The timeshare industry is focused on delivering memorable vacations. Partnering with a leader in timeshare reputation management worldwide gives timeshare businesses an ally to fight incorrect information online. The world is more connected via mobile and web and companies are realizing that negative comments on blogs, false product reviews, and false allegations are having an increased impact on future business.

Walter Halicki founded JW Maxx Solutions with the goal of protecting reputations from online attacks. Halicki has made his company a leader in timeshare reputation management worldwide by using the lessons learned from his years of experience working in the industry.

JW Maxx Solutions, under the direction of Walter Halicki, is committed to managing online reputations across multiple platforms, responding to customer comments, and positively convey the clients messaging. Their skilled staff of social media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts is creating new and innovative ways to attract new customers for their clients and safeguard online reputations.

The ARDA World 2013 convention will have more than 40 educational sessions including the technology forum where Walter Halicki is scheduled to speak. His session will provide the leaders from hundreds of companies with the latest trends and best practices from the leader in timeshare reputation management worldwide. According to Halicki, partnering with a reputation management leader is the only way to guarantee that timeshare businesses can take advantage of the industry’s resiliency during bad economic times.

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