Leadership Training Course 2nd Sem 2014

Leadership Training Course 2nd Sem 2014
Event on 2014-09-11 19:00:00


A Course that Helps You to Develop the Leader within You 

Every organisation rises or falls depending on its leadership; whether it is your family, your business, your sports team, your cell group or your church.  The Kingdom of God is such an awesome thing because the LORD Jesus is at its head.  We too are called to be great leaders in our generation.  Leadership is not for the few “special” ones; it is a commandment of the Lord for all believers.  Leadership is not a gift that a few are “born with”; it is a talent within each person that needs to be developed through study, dedication and planning.  In our Leadership Training Course (LTC) you will learn powerful biblical principles and see clearly that the leadership established by God is different than that practiced in the world. 

The purpose of this course is to develop mature leaders, who are well instructed in the word of God and thereby able to minister effectively to His people. 

Whose it for? 

Every one: church members and guests who have completed the Spiritual Maturity Course (SMC) 

The subjects of this course will be studied in the light of the basic premises of the New Testament that every Christian is called to be a minister and a leader.  We look forward to having you on the course.

What is about? 

There is 1 terms of 21 evenings, covering 10 life-changing subjects: 

  1. Vision & Cell Group Practice
  2. Spiritual Authority
  3. Effective Leadership
  4. Consolidation & Discipleship
  5. Praise and Worship
  6. Divine Healing
  7. Deliverance
  8. Youth & Children’s Ministry
  9. Courtship
  10. Apostolic Doctrine



Tuesdays 7pm – 9.40pm 

Dates: From Thus 11th Sep – Thus 12th Feb  



Vine Studio at Unit 5, Blackworth Court, Highworth, SN6 7NS


How much does it cost?

     Payment options:

  • One payment            – £85 x 1 (payable in at the once)
  • Two payments          – £45 x 2 (payable in at the booking & May)
  • Five payments         – £20 x 5 (payable on first Thursday of each month)

at Vine Studio
5 Blackworth
Highworth, United Kingdom

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