Leading Internet Marketing Company Reveals Top 10 Ways To Build Quality and High PageRank (PR) Backlinks

New York, New Jersey, Wilmington DE, Philadelphia, Chicago (PRWEB) June 18, 2013

Link Building is the cornerstone of SEO and quality inbound organic links are guaranteed to increase web traffic, generate quality leads and improve search engine rankings. Although, one fact has become well known throughout the SEO Industry and from website owners who experienced this first hand, link building is no longer about quantity but quality! Ever since Google Penguin updates, websites with fewer than 100 relevant quality and trusted high scoring links out rank websites with several hundreds or even thousands of irrelevant spammy type links.

When it comes to link building, PR is probably the most important initials to know in the SEO world. PR stands for PageRank and is a link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page (co-founder of Google) and is used by Google. The purpose of PageRank is to measure a pages relative importance within the component of a hyperlinked set of documents. The quality of a backlink is referred to as “link juice”.

One thing that has definitely changed is the way to obtain backlinks and the following is the Top 10 Ways To Build Quality and High PageRank (PR) Backlinks:

#1 Online Directories

There are thousands of online directory sites.
Online directories are easy backlinks.
Many online directories are free submissions or have very low yearly fees.
Some online directories have High PR.
Online directories improve companies exposure.

#2 Article Submission Backlinks

Many article websites are free to join and some have high authority domains.
Backlinks from article submissions are High PR.
Backlinks from well written articles can have relevant anchor text.
As well as great backlinks, they can also create high website traffic.

#3 Press Releases

Online article publishing companies have high authority.
Links from press releases can give very high PR.
Great content press releases give high quality relevant backlinks.
There are many online article publishing companies which can get a good ROI.
These publishing companies submit their articles to other publishing sites and in many cases, they will
send .the article to over 10,000 other publishing sites to see if they will pick-up the article.

Google chooses new Press Releases and Ranks them well.
Best way to brand a company product and gain Authorship very quickly.
If its a new website, it will get indexed faster by search engines.

#4 Video Submissions

Video submissions on YouTube can get very high PR.
Video submissions with many views get high link juice backlinks.
Videos with many views get high company exposure and product branding.
Informational and educational videos gain trust and Authorship.

#5 Social Networking

Social Media Marketing is a must which promotes trust, Authorship, company name, product

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