Leading Perth Based Online Marketing Company Expands Services

Perth, WA (PRWEB) October 21, 2013

Bang Online Marketing is taking the step to becoming a full service digital marketing agency, expanding its services to include web development and design.

With this move, Bang Online are now able to offer additional services to its clients, working hand in hand with current services offered in SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing.

Managing Director and founder Renae Lunjevich vision is to develop Bang Online into the digital marketing leader in WA by providing a holistic One Stop Shop approach for all things online and digital. As a result, clients can be sure that all of their online marketing needs are addressed by experienced, knowledgeable and highly experienced professionals.

The new services will give Bang Online power over all website components, meaning that current campaigns can be integrated with the site features, giving clients more choice when it comes to creating digital strategies.

Some of the new services being offered from Bang Online include:

Website Development

The development of new websites is something that can be used for businesses that are new to the digital field, and companies that are ready for re-development and re-design. By using a full-service agency, clients are able to have the website designed, alongside other digital marketing efforts, ensuring branding remains in line and that best SEO practices are followed.

Conversion Analysis

It will now be possible for Bang Online to track websites to see how changing small on-page elements affect user interaction. By creating test sites and tracking how they are being used, it is possible to find what layouts, placements and features allow for maximum performance. This allows websites to be optimized to work in a way that leads to more user interaction and ultimately, more conversions.

Microsite Development

Microsites are developed to work externally to the corporate website, with the purpose of highlighting a particular campaign or service. Microsites can highlight a campaign by having a different design, layout and content to a corporate site, and also are able to be tracked separately. This now gives Bang Online an insight into campaign performance, and can be complemented by Social Media, Adwords and Email marketing campaigns to give wider measurement and reach capabilities for potential new offers.

Mobile Development

The development of mobile applications and mobile websites is another way companies can now extend the reach of their websites. Making sure websites are available to be viewed on a mobile platform is a way that a company can ensure they are able to reach users on the go. Mobile applications make it easier for users to complete tasks without having to load a website, once again a great tool for businesses wanting to target consumers that are travelling.

If you would like to find out more about the new services offered by Bang Online, visit the website or call (08) 9328 7000 to speak to one of their team members.

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