Leading SEO Company opens a new office in Surrey and offers customers 10 Week SEO trial for half price

Surrey, UK (PRWEB UK) 15 July 2013

For those not observing i5Digital, their rise in the SEO world could be seen by an outsider as meteoric. However as their director of operations, Thomas Duffett puts it, it’s all down to long hours and hard work.

The digital marketing agency have been steadily building their operations since early 2000 and with the addition of their new office, will have a total of five offices dotted around the United Kingdom.

After Essex, Surrey was always an area we had our eye on. Due to high demand for i5Digital services and solutions, the new office has come about as an extension of that, said Thomas.

Making sure our product and the results we deliver are better than our rivals has always been what separates us from the competition. Subsequently we can proudly state that we have over a 90% client retention rate due to our emphasis on quality. By having another office open this will only serve to help us to continue to build our customer base. Web design Surrey is a combination of presenting our clients information in an attractive, concise way whilst making sure Google’s algorithm is adhered to.

Grounded and focused, it’s clear why i5Digital are making the strides they are. Their ten week SEO trial is exactly that. i5Digital offer anyone who is having difficulties in getting their website to rank for their desired keywords their services for ten weeks to demonstrate their capability. Their aim is to configure all the on-page optimisation issues the respective website may be having and then begin an effective off-page optimisation campaign. This involves many aspects including quality links back to the site as well as a variety of social signals. The SEO Surrey work, says Tom is all down to the people behind the company.

Obviously, we are immensely proud of our staff. Increasing head count is a great indication of the direction in which this company is heading. As such we had a huge recruitment drive in the early part of 2012 and the members in our team are second to none. They really have done a fantastic job, I’m so privileged to work alongside such great minds. They’re enthusiasm is infectious and it certainly creates for an immensely positive working environment. Our clients can certainly see that too. We’re one big happy family.

The future certain looks bright for i5Digital. Having helped hundreds of businesses finely tune their search marketing, it’s clear they’re in the know. The ten week trial is suitable for all and is designed with increasing web traffic, go to seo-surrey.i5digital.com for more details.

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