Leading Social Media Agency fishbat, Inc. Says Video Will Never Replace Good Content

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) March 12, 2013

On March 12, 2013, award-winning social media agency fishbat, Inc. issues a comment about video production and its impact on the social media industry.

According to The Drum, Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab said that, due to their massive popularity, content shared on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube increases exposure massively.

Video can also be resource effective in terms of solving a complex

problem visually, said Rezab. Its an opportunity to give customers answers in a concise constructive and graphic way. Especially if you have a large amount of customer service queries all relating to the same problem.

The Drums interview with Jim Coleman from We Are Social depicts video and graphics as a more influential tool than text. According to Coleman, Visual content is now much more important in Facebook posts because of the way that the Facebook algorithm has changed. Images are now ranked higher, with Facebook [prioritizing] visual content over text. While we will have previously mixed content schedules fairly equally between text and video, the latter is now a much heavier focus. Coleman added that recent platforms such as Twitter’s new Vine project are making video more accessible to existing social media infrastructures.

Video will never replace good content, comments fishbat CEO Clay Darrohn. While images and video have become a stronger component of social media marketing, good content will always be held in the highest graces of search engine bots, especially those of Google.

Darrohn commented that videos found on YouTube and created with apps like Vine add to the originality of good content. There is still the strong presence of text that even videos cannot bypass we still use tagging and descriptions for SEO and navigation purposes. While text might appear to be taking a side-step, it is more important than ever to have great content to coexist with your Harlem Shake videos.

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