Leading the Digital Transformation

Leading the Digital Transformation
Event on 2016-06-14 09:00:00
Digital technology is transforming the commercial world, and companies in all industries are experimenting with – and benefiting from – digital transformation. However, organizations adopt digitally driven changes with varying levels of success whilst facing growing pressures from competitors to accelerate their digital transformations.  The factor that contributes the most to success,or the absence of which contributes most to failure, of companies’ digital initiatives is management interest or desire to change practices related to initiative. This masterclass, presented by digital transformation expert Professor Dr. Ralf E. Strauss, will help you engage the organization on the widest scale and lead a competition-beating digital transformation. With a cross-section of presentations, interactive exercises and real world examples youwill learn how to create a sustainable digital transformation program and translate it into your specific business and industry context.  Overall, the course is based uponan analysis of almost 300 companies and the distillation of best practices and success factors indigital transformation, summarized in Ralf’s book “Digital Business Excellence” Professer Ralf Strauss, former SVP Digital Transformation at Volkswagen Ralf started his career as a consultant at Gemini Consulting in the area of marketing, sales and IT transformation where he was also Product development and business development manager for CRM for the Cap Gemini group and had the global responsibility for E-CRM. In this time, he was leading early digital transformations across Europe. He then moved to SAP to become the head of corporate strategy & development in Germany, and later the long-lasting CMO of SAP in Germany & Central Europe. In this period of time, he was globally responsible for all marketing staff training courses as well as a best practice online marketing concept that was subsequently rolled out in EMEA. After many years in marketing he was asked to take over the role as Global Vice President for the Product Management of SAP CRM Marketing. During this time he developed besides others showcases using State-of-the-Art technologies such as In-Memory Computing for High Volume Customer Segmentation (patented) and created and implemented a Web 2.0 strategy, including application showcases such as “Twitter Campaign Management”, “Facebook Loyalty Management” and “Social Media Brand Dashboards”. During his years as the Group SVP Digital Transformation at Volkswagen, he was responsible on the business side for the large scale digital transformation on a group-wide level in crucial areas like Digital Business Strategy and CRM. Today he works as Professor for Digital Marketing & E-Business at Hamburg School of Business Administration, is Managing Partner of Customer Excellence, a consulting company, Chairman of the CMO Community and as president of the German Marketing Association (Deutscher Marketing Verband e.V.). In his role as a consultant, he is supporting companies in retail, insurance, fast moving consumer goods, telecom as well as automotive companies in the digital transformation. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ralf-strauss-44016b

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