Leading Vancouver-Based Ayurvedic Medicine Organization Spreads Its Herbal Magic Message

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) April 14, 2014

CodeTactic announced today that Sewanti Ayurvedic has chosen their CodeTactic to expand its awareness of Sewantis new line of herbal products. Triphala and Holy Basil are Sewantis leading ayurvedic products and have been garnering rave reviews. Triphala is known to cleanse the body of wastes and toxins, enhancing visual sensory and strength. Sewantis Holy Basil product is designed to provide relief from indigestion (agnimandya), skin disease (kustha), dysuria (krichra), blood disorders (asra), cough (kasa), asthma (svasa), and pain in the sides of the chest (parshvaruk).

Sewanti has over 12,000 clients primarily situated in the western Canadian market. Sewanti is a Ayurveda and herbal medicine provider based in Vancouver. Many of Sewantis target market consists of health and wellness experts and physiotherapist. Lately we have had a huge number of consumers wishing to purchase our joint pain and massage oils. I guess our message is loud and clear Sewanti is what other traditional herbal remedies strive to become, says Neelam Toprani, President of Sewanti. Since the Sewanti line of products are used by many home consumers, they contacted CodeTactic to augment their social strategy and engage better with their newly expanding consumer market. CodeTactic is recognized for its’ low-cost social media plans and their individualized content marketing strategies.

In order to get Sewanti to better connect with their consumers, they need to implement a social strategy that helps get them found by the demographic that they are targeting, states Gonzalo Ortiz de Zevallos, co-founder of CodeTactic. Social Medium is the new digital marketing people now rely on social media in order to make choices on products and services. We found that most of their clients are relying on community forums and groups to discuss herbal medicine options, adds Gonzalo.

CodeTactics hallmark is its social media management price point of only $ 95 per month. This social management program is known as their Social Boost entry plan. We make procuring and executing a social media marketing plan simple and transparent, says Gonzalo. Social Media marketing use to be intimidating to individuals and small business owners. We made the connection and simplified the process of purchasing, managing and engaging with a businesss users via social media. We like to think that we provide social media made easy for everybody.

Sewanti is a leader in providing ayurvedic and herbal remedies that have no side effects due to its herbal nature. Because our remedies are non-medicinal, there are no side effects and natural herbs are now becoming the preferred choice of many people across North America, states Neelam. In the past ten years, you will find that yoga, massage, and ayurvedic healing have become widely accepted sciences and has been embraced by more people worldwide, claims Neelam. We chose CodeTactic as our outsourced digital marketing agency. They were the most professional yet affordable social media for small business. We started with the Social Boost and weve now moved on to more focused plan after seeing significant results.

CodeTactic is a privately held company headquartered in Vancouver, BC which develops social media management and online marketing initiatives for small business and organization that wish to participate in Social Media Marketing.

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