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(PRWEB) December 11, 2007

LeadsByVideo.com (LBV), an innovator in the quality traffic services market, has been growing its popularity with Internet businesses since it’s launch in August 2007. LBV’s free video ad sharing service now enables advertisers to get custom-made video ads from as little as $ 79.

LBV has recruited a team of professional video production and voiceover narration artists who are skilled in the production of 30-second internet video advertisements that generate quality leads.

“It is a much needed service for website owners looking to use video ads for Internet marketing,” says Tom Zorde, co-founder of LeadsByVideo.com

“Our traffic service has consistently shown that video ads convert viewers to visitors at a rate some 400 percent higher than other advertising mediums such as banner and text ads.”

The existing free video ad sharing service hosted by LBV allows advertisers to give their custom-made video ad exposure in a quality assured environment.

Although the large social video sharing sites can provide advertisers with higher quantity of views, LBV provide quality views which anyone looking to make sales will find far more beneficial. LBV achieves this outcome through their unique playlist which enforces attentive and complete viewing of video ads prior to viewers clicking through to the advertiser’s website.

Additionally, advertisers can increase the exposure they give their video ads at no cost simply by acquiring more playlist spots. Spots can be acquired quickly by watching other advertisers’ video ads and can also be redeemed for a 20 percent discount off purchased video ad packages.

This discount feature allows advertisers to get custom-made 30-second promotional video ads made for their businesses from as little as $ 79.

LBV even provides an example complete with tutorial explaining how to use free video editing tools to create your own video ad for the DIY crowd.

Last but not least, LBV’s premium video production package comes with an impressive guarantee, which states:

“If your custom-made video ad has not generated a 5 percent click through rate after 30 days on the LBV playlist, they will create you a new video at no charge”.

If you’ve ever thought of taking your online marketing strategy to the next level, you could do far worse than investing in a custom-made video ad. You can now ride the latest wave of exposure through video that converts so much better than other online advertising mediums.


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