Learn Google Earth: 3D Trees

Explore 3D trees in parks, neighborhoods, and forests in cities all over the world. Download the latest version at earth.google.com

21 thoughts on “Learn Google Earth: 3D Trees

  1. The following conversation took place in the basement at the Google Earth offices: “Hey boss, I’m finally done mapping all the trees in Benton County, Oregon. There must have been 40 million of them!” “Good job. Your next task area is the State of Amazonas, Brazil.” “What??? That will take forever!!” “Then you better get started.”

  2. Hello! How do we see the 3D trees? We’ve enabled 3d layers, and checked out Athens, San Francisco.. the buildings are 3d, or we reach street view, but no 3d trees yet. Appreciate your help. Love google earth!!! Thanks for your hard work!

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