Learn Google Earth: 3D Trees

Explore 3D trees in parks, neighborhoods, and forests in cities all over the world. Download the latest version at earth.google.com

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21 Responses to Learn Google Earth: 3D Trees

  1. asas2jh says:

    update the maps please

  2. Bas Keetelaar says:

    like in three D?

  3. xygomorphic44 says:

    The following conversation took place in the basement at the Google Earth offices: “Hey boss, I’m finally done mapping all the trees in Benton County, Oregon. There must have been 40 million of them!” “Good job. Your next task area is the State of Amazonas, Brazil.” “What??? That will take forever!!” “Then you better get started.”

  4. SimpsonsSolo Simpsons says:

    0:04 Turn the CC

  5. SimpsonsSolo Simpsons says:


  6. lecool122 says:

    Why does 10 000 detailed trees don’t plant on google earth but one detailed tree plants on google sketchup?

  7. daliux22 says:

    i cant see 3d like that only flat map???

  8. AnimusPipboy says:

    No it won’t help.

  9. dqchannel says:

    sexy sound ouch

  10. C1NEMAGIC says:

    Looks quiet impressive.

  11. osek2112 says:

    I found it!

  12. poslol says:

    yes yes I hope! XD

  13. bluetorch13 says:

    “not yet” possible 😛

  14. 98Chivasfan says:

    Doesn’t work for me :(

  15. poslol says:

    maybe, maybe… XD

  16. Ádám Nagy says:

    Nothing is impossible

  17. iamivan08 says:

    Bamboo is not tree. 😀

  18. Joaozinho zikaoskarai says:

    q dimais zikão

  19. xeneb7 says:

    Hello! How do we see the 3D trees? We’ve enabled 3d layers, and checked out Athens, San Francisco.. the buildings are 3d, or we reach street view, but no 3d trees yet. Appreciate your help. Love google earth!!! Thanks for your hard work!

  20. poslol says:

    I want all buildings in 3D, AND Google Earth on Real time 😀 ( I know its impossible)

  21. 2213sky says:

    da ate para ver macacos da li

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