Learn How Groupon Works!

Groupon features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in cities around the world. Client: Groupon Illustrator: Vanida Vae Animators: Vanida Vae, Brad Chmielewski Audio: Matthew Hane
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  3. executivespectre says:

    I don’t think this business model is new or revolutionary. I’ve not used it. Do you get a refund after you decline the offer which just activated if you’re not satisfied ? Looks like they won’t be quality offers or they’ll only be offers to help desperate and failing businesses advertize. Or if they are legit quality offers, surely the businesses will take a loss.

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  6. DanimalLawlz says:

    cool video

  7. HOODYQAIS says:

    Hi BradChmielewski, I have a business in the daily deal industry and I was wondering how much do you charge to create me a animated video like the one you done for Groupon. I would need 2 videos and I’m located in UK. Thanks

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    Question do i need to set up a groupon account to purchase the deals?

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  14. SpenZoOR says:

    how did you create the eroded effect on all the visual elements in the video?

  15. Jennifer Harding says:

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  16. losCuponesDescuento says:

    nice vid

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  18. 20handbags says:

    Hi Did you do this video animation in After Effects or Flash or both? Great work btw.

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